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There’s Still Time to Cast Your Vote in the SIOP Election

SIOP elections began on November 1, but there is still plenty of time to submit your vote before midnight ET on November 30. SIOP elected officials are stewards of SIOP’s strategic goals, and it is of the utmost importance that we continue with the progress we have made toward our vision. Your vote can ensure this.

Voting is available to Fellows and Members.

Please review the candidate bios and statements and thoughtfully cast your ballot at your earliest convenience. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order below.

The Officer Roles document provides additional background on the positions to be elected.


  • Tara Behrend
  • William Shepherd
  • Zhen Zhang

External Affairs Officer

  • Nikki Blacksmith
  • Erin O’Brien

Instructional & Educational Officer

  • Joseph Allen
  • Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang
  • Richard Landers
  • Alexandra Zelin

 Professional Practice Officer

  • Alex Alonso
  • Mengyang Cao
  • Jacqueline Deuling
  • Amy DuVernet

When you vote, you will be asked to rank the candidates on the ballot. Although ranking all candidates is not required, it is encouraged. Votes for SIOP President-Elect and officer positions will be recorded using the Ware single transferable vote method, also known as the instant runoff method, per the procedures used for APA’s presidential election. Our overall election procedures can be found here.

SIOP values elections that are open and fair, and that are focused on constructive and civil communication. We ask our nominees and our community to enact these values through this process, reflecting and amplifying the positive culture of the profession.

Click here to cast your ballot. Voting ends November 30, at midnight ET.

Thank you for your active participation in this vitally important process!

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