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Amber Stark

Promoting I-O Psychology to the Community-at-Large

Submitted by the Bridge Builders Subcommittee

Advocating for the science and practice of industrial-organizational psychology to students and educators is critical for raising awareness of the value of I-O psychology. The SIOP Bridge Builders Subcommittee would like to highlight two resources designed to help members in this effort.

  • SIOP’s Advocacy Registry provides a centralized source for information about SIOP professionals who have experience with and interest in contributing to advocacy efforts. For more information and to join, click here.
  • To make advocating I-O psychology to students (high school and college) easier, the Bridge Builders Subcommittee has developed two PowerPoint presentations (An Introduction to I-O Psych and I-O Psych as a Career). Presentations can be accessed on the Building Bridges webpage. In addition, a curated list of free educator and student resources can be found here.

If you would like to be more proactive in promoting I-O psychology, below is one more opportunity in which you can engage.

Future Institute was formed to implement a programmatic plan to serve low-income, first-generation, high school graduates from 12 partner high schools throughout the Midwest. The institute works to imbue these graduates with the social and life skills they need to advance their education and obtain successful and meaningful careers in their chosen fields. Volunteer to serve as a Future Institute workshop facilitator (e.g., job search process, the work environment) and/or career mentor to high school and undergraduate students


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