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Anniversary Celebration Wrap-Up

At the beginning of June, we began a month-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of SIOP’s incorporation. Throughout the month, we shared history and fun facts, and asked you to celebrate with us by submitting memories, birthday wishes, and SIOP-related haikus.

Thank you to our members for participating in this celebration. We are delighted to share a few submissions below:

The incorporation of SIOP in 1982 was a pivotal event for I-O psychology. At the time, the American Psychological Association (APA) was discussing significant reorganizations that might impact Division 14. The decision to incorporate placed SIOP on stronger financial grounding and solidified the organization's independence, while still maintaining ties to APA. It turned out to be a prophetic move as APA continued to face challenges throughout the 1980s, including a possible bankruptcy and the departure of many members to create the Association for Psychological Science.

Jeffrey Cucina, 2014-2016 SIOP Historian

Happy Birthday SIOP! It so happens that SIOP’s B-day and my PhD anniversary are in tandem, so that I’ve been able to observe SIOP evolve over its 4 decades of existence, and what a ride it has been. Looking forward to seeing many more SIOP B-days to come!

Steve Kozlowski, Research and Science Portfolio Officer

I-O friends and fun
Profess'nal Development
Mostly friends and fun

Yes Academics
And Practitioners also
But all one SIOP

Borman and Tippins
Schmitt, Wang, Allen, Pulakos
How'd they let me in?

Call it I-O or
I or O or Business Psych

A lot of posters
Symposia and panels
Love me an ignite

Old rule - suit first day
Then less dressy; but always
Borman's Birkenstocks

A conference plan
Sessions, Lunches, Reunions
A "few" drinks at night

Rick Hense

Over the past 4 decades, and even before as Division 14 of the American Psychological Association, we’ve made it our mission to support and promote science and practice that transforms work, builds effective organizations, and promotes worker well-being. This milestone reenergizes us in this goal. We invite you to join us as we support and promote the science, practice, and teaching of I-O psychology for the next 40 years, and beyond! Please continue to engage with SIOP on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

You can find the first article, second article, and third article in this series on our website.

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