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2022 Leading Edge Consortium Features More Than 30 Top Speakers

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The 2022 Leading Edge Consortium (LEC): Rethinking Employee Experience to Create Agility and Resilience for the “Next Normal” will feature more than 30 top speakers with diverse backgrounds in I-O practice, research, and higher education.

Register today to get the best rate, and to learn how organizations are addressing and adapting to workforce challenges related to the employee experience, as well as what organizations have learned about developing agility and resilience along the way.

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Preconsortium workshops: Oct. 6
Consortium: Oct. 7-8
Loews Atlanta Hotel

Read on to learn more about our session speakers.

Tracy Kantrowitz, chief product officer at PDRI, and Jeff McHenry, principal of Rainier Leadership Solutions, will lead Oct. 7 Program Block 1, which includes speakers:

  • Ruth Kanfer, Georgia Tech
  • Larissa Linton, Glint/Microsoft
  • Mark Smith, SHRM
  • Arthur Evans, APA

Evan Sinar, Amazon, and Rose Mueller-Hanson, Community Interface Services, will lead Oct 7 Program Block 2, which includes speakers:

  • Tammy Allen, USF
  • Allison Yost, BetterUp
  • LeClaire Hammerle, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Meghan Lowery, Eli Lilly and Company
  • David Rodriguez, former Marriott CHRO
  • Mariangela Battista, International Game Technology, PLC

Gena Cox, FeelsHuman, LLC, will lead Oct. 7 Program Block 3, which includes speakers:

  • Nancy Romanyshyn, Syndio
  • Meisha-Ann Martin, WorkHuman

Case studies and a panel including the following speakers will round out the day:

  • Kalifa Oliver, DeepDive Talent Insights and Analytics
  • Raymond F. Beland, ITG
  • Shannon Bonner, 3M
  • Alison Eyring, Produgie

The LEC continues Oct. 8 with Rob Kaiser, Kaiser Leadership, leading Program Block 4, which includes speakers:

  • Megan Steckler, Perceptyx
  • Mary Plunkett, Blue Origin
  • Elaine Pulakos, PDRI
  • Jeff McHenry, Rainier Leadership
  • Janine Waclawski, Maestro Consulting
  • Wanda Wallace, Leadership Forum

Tracy Kantrowitz and Elaine Pulakos will lead Program Block 5, which includes speakers:

  • Chris Mason, KeHe Foods
  • Allan Church, Maestro Consulting

Ben Schneider, professor emeritus of Psychology at the University of Maryland, will conclude the event with a keynote.

The impressive list of LEC speakers is rounded out with workshop speakers, who include:

  • Elaine Pulakos, PDRI
  • Gena Cox, FeelsHuman, LLC
  • Jennifer K. Dimoff, University of Ottawa
  • Sheri L. Feinzig, Marsh McLennan
  • Leslie Hammer, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences/Oregon Health Workforce Center
  • Tracy Kantrowitz, PDRI
  • Elizabeth Lentz, PDRI
  • Chris Lovato, Medtronic
  • Jeff McHenry, Rainier Leadership
  • Rose Mueller-Hanson, Community Interface Services
  • Jane Wu, IBM

Complete information can be found on the event Agenda.


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