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Conference Charter, Guiding Principles Steer Annual Conference Planning

Since 2006, the SIOP Conference Committee has used the Conference Charter for direction while planning the SIOP Annual Conference. The Guiding Principles were added in 2020. This year is no different, although in August, the SIOP Executive Board approved a new conference charter.

“The Conference Charter is a mechanism for planning and structuring the SIOP Annual Conference over a 5-year period,” said SIOP Conferences and Programs Officer Scott Tonidandel. “It gives helpful guidance and guardrails for the Conference Committee, Program Committee, and SIOP staff to ensure consistency from one year to the next while also making space for innovation that continually improves our conference for the I-O community.”

Key changes to the new charter, intended to guide the 2023-2027 conferences, include:

  1. Creation of a Conference Engagement Subcommittee
  2. The formal establishment of a Conference Inclusion Subcommittee
  3. Rebranding of the Conference Volunteer Subcommittee
  4. Adjustment of the language around prohibition of commercial content
  5. New approach to conference breaks
  6. Transition away from print to a fully digital program
  7. A plan for virtual conference content
  8. Adjustment of the language around official events and receptions
  9. Creation of a Program Awards and Competitions Subcommittee

“After a few years of disruption due to the pandemic, we are pleased to be planning the 2023 SIOP Annual Conference as guided by the latest charter while adhering to our Guiding Principles,” said SIOP Conference Chair Winny Shen. “These updates and improvements allow us to plan for a cutting-edge conference that is more inclusive, sustainable, and responsive to attendee needs than ever before.”

The Guiding Principles center around honoring, displaying, and preserving the various aspects that underpin a successful planning process and conference.

In 5 short months, attendees will gather in Boston and virtually for the 2023 SIOP Annual Conference, developed with the support of these two resources. Attendees can expect some of the conference staples they’ve come to look forward to, along with a few new offerings.

“We had fantastic participation in the submission process, demonstrating that the SIOP community is ready to come together for another incredible conference experience,” said SIOP Program Chair Enrica Ruggs. “In addition to the peer-reviewed content, there are special sessions covering core I-O content like advancements in assessment tools and more unique, timely topics like the implications of discussing taboo topics at work.”

Check the annual conference webpage for the latest information as the event nears. Conference registration will open in early 2023!

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