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SIOP Welcomes New Affiliates

In September, SIOP expanded membership with the launch of the new Affiliate criteria to those who do not meet current membership requirements, but have an interest in industrial-organizational psychology.

With more professionals engaging in the science of people at work, we are thrilled to have welcomed more than 100 Affiliates to our scientific society through this membership type. Their engagement will help all SIOP members learn from other practicing professionals’ unique experiences and perspectives.

A virtual Open House was held in November, providing a networking opportunity and a chance for Affiliates and those interested in joining to learn about SIOP’s many benefits and resources.

“I was previously an I-O psychology doctoral student and continue to work in the industry as a consultant. Unfortunately, I did not complete my doctoral program but instead pursued and completed another educational track. My work experience and education still form an incredible linkage to the field of I-O. As a consultant, it can be an isolated work experience, and as a part of SIOP, I know I am connected,” said Felicia Ford, a new SIOP Affiliate.

“Don’t be fooled into thinking SIOP is another narrow, specialist organization targeting those new to their roles. Nor is it at all necessary to be highly quantitative to get significant and practical value from the work this community does,” said new SIOP Affiliate, Brian DeBar. “Both the research and conference sessions are broadly relevant to all HR practitioners and cover a seriously diverse gamut of HR and leadership concerns, including many emerging areas of inquiry.  And the minds you will meet here will become some of your most valued thought partners, peer coaches, and trusted advisors.”

"We're thrilled to see more and more knowledgeable professionals join SIOP as Affiliates to learn with us and share their unique viewpoints,” said SIOP Membership Committee member and Affiliate point of contact David Mihm. “We're going to be hosting another Affiliate Open House in the near future to welcome these folks aboard, answer any questions they may have, and help them make the most of their Affiliate membership."

“I’m finding that Affiliate members are very eager to engage with I-O psychology, and they have professional qualifications across a broad range of industries and occupations,” said SIOP Membership Committee and Affiliate point of contact Rick Laguerre. “I'm convinced that Affiliates will bring a tremendous amount of value to SIOP, especially as they come to our annual conference.”

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