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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Volunteer and Member Services Manager

Please welcome the newest professional members of SIOP:

Francine Avinger
Sheena Barlow
Heinz Bartnick
Ian Bazzoli
Greg Beecher
Ethan Bernstein
Martin Biskup
Angela Blake
Katie Boyd
Jamie Brisbin
Courtney Bryant
Kevin Campbell
Daniel Caro
Min Carter
Robin Chetri
Patrick Clark
Kathleen Coelho
Joshua Cole
Melissa Cordero
Mary Danielak
Amanda Deacon
Zechariah Dice
Rachel Dreibelbis
Susan Drobka
Victor Ellingsen
Brenda Ellis
Erika Esbri
Paola Evies
Audrey Faine
Teodora Fedirko
Erin Finley
Patrick Gallen
Quentin Gao
Rebecca Garden
Mingang Geiger
Florence Georgeamiekumo
Richanne Gerstner
Ryan Gertner
Leya Ghai
Michelle Goettsche

Julia Grove
Amy Gurske
Nicole Howard
Dafne Huacuz
Rachel Ingel-Champion
Jermaine Irby
Md Rashedul Islam
Alisha Jasmer
Constance Jensen
Emery Johnson
Laura Jordan
Anne Kato
Cynthia Kelly
Gary Kesling
Steven Khazon
Jeffrey Kiel
Tracy Kincaid
Kahlil King
Edward Klink
Eugene Koh
Mikhail Koulikov
Nicholas Kovacs
Rick Laguerre
Brittany Lambert
Nicole Landowski
Lauren Locklear
Emilea Lopez
Carson Lopez
Gabrielle Lopiano
Megan Lowery
Christine Lukban
Aaron Manier
Michael McKenna
Jessica McKenzie
Nikita Mikhailov
Mitchell Miller
Pati Montojo
Nicole Morales
Brett Neely
Shenica Nelson

Rachel Pascall-Gonzalez
Cyriac Pattathil Joy
Rob Patterson
Elizabeth Pears
Vernita Perkins
Erik Pesner
Nivedita Prabhu
Jennifer Ray
Laura Rees
TauWana Robinson
Aspen Robinson
Maura Roggero
Daniel Samosh
Bailey Schrock
Latrice Scott
Emily Shaffer
Nicholas Simmons
Nic Snyder
Sarah Stawisk
Alexander Stemer
Jessica Strayer
Tianjun Sun
Larry Thomas
Asmi Vohra
Carol Wallsworth
Christina Walsh
Yi-Ren Wang
Scott Weaver
Zoe Weller
Karen West
Tiffany Wheet
Sam Wilgus
Jason Wilkins
Taylor Wolgamott
I-Heng Wu
Heng Xu
Futoshi Yumoto
Nan Zhang
Yizhen Egyn Zhu

When I first started practicing as a management consultant early in my career, I felt all alone until I found SIOP.  Who knew?!  Since then, I have attended numerous conferences and can attest to the quality and number of people I have met and partnered with over the years.  Over the years I have learned--or had re-enforced--a great deal of information that has then been immediately applied to my clients in business consulting, coaching, and talent assessment for succession planning.  I highly recommend SIOP as a place to learn a lot and meet many wonderful and smart people.

Joan Pastor
Managing Partner
Executive Advisory Services of JPA International, Inc.

Special thanks to the new Sterling Circle members. 25 years in SIOP!

Mindy Bergman
Wendy Boswell
Kimberly Cummings
Bryan Edwards
Michael Fetzer
Jennifer Frame
Hans Froslee
Amy Hayes

M. Audrey Korsgaard
Keith McCook
Lorin Mueller
Morrie Mullins
Carnot Nelson
Larry Norton
Tatana Olson
Richard Posthuma

Larry Richard
Teresa Rothausen
Janine Waclawski
Michael West
James Westaby
Jane Williams
D. Carol Wynne

SIOP is a fantastic chance to network with people passionate about a field like I am. It gives me an opportunity to explore the latest research and discover new ways people are implementing I-O based practices within their own workplace.

Dustin Bauer
Southern California Edison
SIOP member since 2017

Congratulations to these new full members who used the Associate to Member pathway.

Sertrice Grice
Daniel Maday

Margi Williams
Christopher Stone

Erica Barto

As a student, SIOP was a way to connect and learn outside of school. As an I/O professional, SIOP is a community where I feel welcomed and am able to geek out with others just as passionate about their work as I am. Being a part of SIOP has helped me grow my network, stay connected, and apply best practices from experienced members.

Mariah Price
Colleague Effectiveness Manager
Grant Thornton LLP
SIOP member since 2016

















































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