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Call for Papers: Native American and Indigenous Persons' Work Issues

Research in Human Resource Management

Native American and Indigenous Persons' Work Issues

Research in Human Resource Management

Editors: Dianna L. Stone, Eugene F. Stone-Romero, and Kimberly M. Lukaszewski

Deadlines:  Final Papers November 1, 2023

The U. S. Bureau of the Census (2022) estimates that there are 6.79 million Native Americans in the U. S., 2.09% of the population. The World Bank reports that there are 476 million Indigenous People worldwide, about 6% of the global population. Many live in poverty, have low life expectancies, and have difficulty gaining access to jobs (World Bank, 2022).

Native Americans and indigenous persons also experience problems gaining/maintaining employment. 54% of Native people in the U. S. report experiencing discrimination in the employment process. Further, they have a higher unemployment rates; are assigned to low-level, dead-end jobs with few opportunities for advancement; and are underrepresented in high-skilled, high-status positions. They are also more likely to work in physically dangerous jobs. Research is needed to determine reasons for these employment problems and consider strategies for overcoming them.

Despite employment problems experienced by Native people, little research focuses on their work issues, so we sponsor this special issue.

Potential Topics

a.       Challenges Native and Indigenous persons’ face in the work world. 

b.      Modifying HR practices to meet Native Americans cultural values and needs.

c.       Factors affecting the job satisfaction and retention of Native Americans

d.      Establishing a supportive work environment and increasing inclusion of Native Americans.

e.       Unique talents and skills Native Americans bring to the workforce.

These are only a few suggested topics; more can be considered.

Research in Human Resource Management is a peer reviewed research series. Please see https://www.infoagepub.com/series/Research-in-Human-Resource-Management. Papers must be no more than 50 pages and conform to APA guidelines. 

Please send a short proposal (1-3 pages) to Dianna Stone at diannastone2015@gmail.com by Feb 1, 2023.

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