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Participants Needed! Compensated Market Research Study on Technical Employee Recruiting and Hiring

JR Research Inc.

JR Research Inc. an international market research firm is conducting a research study about technical employee recruiting and hiring.  We are looking to speak with  psychologists  (1) who design recruitment processes and selection systems & (2) who  are involved with applicant assessment and selection (hiring). We are conducting 60 minute phone interviews and all participants will be paid $350.00 for their time and feedback. Our client is a major software company that creates software that develops an objective skills-based assessment platform that can be used as a standard for technical hiring. They help companies go beyond the noise of technical hiring with automated and live technical interviewing solutions. 

Some of the titles we are looking for are VP/Director: People Selection, People Analytics, Talent Selection, Talent Analytics, Evaluation Management, Selection Systems, Evaluation & Assessment, Testing Programs, Analytics and Evaluation, Assessment and Selection, Assessment, Talent Assessment, Organizational Psychology.

All participants must be currently working at a company with 3000 or more employees and have a Masters or Ph.D. degree. The study should be fun and enjoyable. All participants will be paid right after their interview has been completed.

In you would like to participate in our research please answer the short questionnaire on the link below so we can make sure that you are qualified for our study.

Here is the link:

Please be assured that we are not selling anything, and that the information gathered will remain confidential and used for research purposes only.  Thank you in advance for your interest in our research.

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