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Develop Assessment Strategies for the Future by Attending the 2023 SIOP Leading Edge Consortium

Tracy Kantrowitz PDRI, and Chair of 2023 SIOP Leading Edge Consortium (LEC)

Employee assessment is at a critical crossroads. Technology has flourished to aid in the development and delivery of increasingly complex assessments that minimize human judgment and time but have implications for privacy, transparency, validity, fairness, and legality. Organizations have increasingly prioritized validity and diversity among their chief objectives associated with assessment. Democratizing assessment procedures to ensure fairness for all examinees has become paramount. Our understanding of the validity of assessments is evolving. The uses of assessments extend beyond traditional boundaries. As assessment procedures must account for a broader range of considerations than ever before, significant opportunities and challenges exist for assessment professionals.

Few forums exist to integrate advances in practice and science cast against the background of the most pressing topics facing organizations and employees. The 2023 LEC is the premier forum for showcasing SIOP’s unique mix of contemporary science, practice, and guidance on assessment.

Talent Assessment Strategies for the Future

Warwick Hotel, Philadelphia
October 5–6, 2023

Virtual preconsortium workshops held September 2023

The 2023 LEC brings together a diverse array of thought leaders from consulting, industry, and academia who have pushed assessment forward in the past 5 years and have the most contemporary research and guidance on how organizations can chart a course forward amid technological, societal, legal, and economic changes.

Workshops and sessions will cover a wide range of assessment-related topics, including the implications associated with updated assessment validity findings; advanced assessment technology; recent legislation related to AI assessment; remote testing considerations; case studies on assessment procedures; assessment procedures that account for diversity, equity, and inclusion goals; and post-hire uses of assessment.

A small sample of confirmed speakers includes the following:

  • Damon Bryant, Morgan State University
  • Richard Chambers, General Mills
  • Irina Cozma, Salesforce
  • Vicki Lipnic, Resolution Economics and former Commissioner and Acting Chair, EEOC
  • Rajanique Modeste, Vestigia Organizational Strategies
  • Liberty Munson, Microsoft
  • Paul Sackett, University of Minnesota

The LEC is only as successful as the attendees who contribute their experiences and perspectives on the state of assessment. We encourage the following people to attend:

  • Assessment professionals and those seeking to gain a current view of the field
  • Individuals who understand the foundations of assessment science and practice
  • SIOP members or nonmembers

Key benefits of the 2023 LEC:

  • Gain a current understanding of the state of assessment science and practice through research insights, case studies, and practical guidance
  • Learn how organizations are implementing and evolving their assessment practices, how practitioners are adapting assessment strategies to a broader range of priorities, and how to evaluate emerging technologies and innovations
  • Extend your professional network alongside 200 assessment professionals through formal and informal attendee events
  • Contribute to the conversation about assessment strategies given new and evolving organizational goals and challenges

The 2023 LEC program was built by a committee of SIOP members with deep expertise in assessment:

  • Kyana Beckles, Leverage Assessments
  • Tony Boyce, Amazon
  • Amber Burkhart, Valmont Industries
  • Eric Dunleavy, DCI Consulting
  • Ryan O’Leary, PDRI
  • Emily Solberg, SHL

The LEC is an intimate conference designed to facilitate a deeper level of understanding on a given topic, enable attendees to meet and learn from presenters and other professionals, and maximize the attendee experience. This year, the LEC is limited to 200 registrants, and we expect significant interest in this core I-O topic. Registration will open early July.

If you want to learn more, please visit the LEC website or send an email to siop@siop.org.

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