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Jen Baker, Sr. Manager, Publications and Events

SIOP member Jennifer L. Hughes, with coauthors Abigail A. Camden, Tenzin Yangchen, Gabrielle P. A. Smith, Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez, Steven V. Rouse, C. Peeper McDonald, and Stella Lopez, has published a new article about inclusive demographic questions for surveys. “Guidance for Researchers When Using Inclusive Demographic Questions for Surveys: Improved and Updated Questions” is an updated version of Hughes et al.’s (2016) article, which encouraged authors to think about and update the demographic questions they use in their research surveys.

Access the article for free with this link and click on the article title (it is the first article for this issue): https://www.psichi.org/page/274JNWinter2022#.ZFEwYuzMIvo

In addition, all survey questions from this article are now available in Qualtrics format at: https://osf.io/qytnx/

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