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Still Going Strong! SIOP Members Continue to Think Globally and Act Locally via Local I-O Groups

Eileen Linnabery and Local I-O Committee

For our TIP moments in history column, we would like to republish the following article that discussed members’ desire to have local group I-O communities. This is from the 2017 October issue by Anna Erickson et al.


Five years later and the desire for SIOP members to connect at the local level in service of I-O has not waned. Indeed, with the improvements in technology and the experience of a global pandemic, grassroots local I-O groups have evolved to serve even broader communities across the globe. We are now seeing local I-O groups that are meeting in hybrid or fully virtual settings and opening their membership to I-Os and I-O enthusiasts from outside their local geographies. This makes it even easier today for SIOP members to connect with an I-O community on a frequent basis—even if your hometown has no other I-O psychologists in the area, one can join a robust, virtual network with roots elsewhere. Forging connections with I-Os outside of our academic institutions and employers will only continue to enrich our research and practice.

If you are interested in joining a local group or starting one of your own, visit SIOP’s Local I-O Group resource page: https://www.siop.org/Membership/Local-I-O-Groups. If you are a leader of a local group that is not listed in the directory, please reach out to SIOP’s Local I-O Group Relations Committee to ensure SIOP members can find your group.

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