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Jenny Baker, Sr. Manager, Publications and Events

Eileen Linnabery has been promoted to partner at Vantage Leadership Consulting.

“Eileen has an exceptional level of expertise that allows her to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients and understanding their needs,” said Keith Goudy, managing partner. “Eileen’s ability to build that trust has been instrumental in our company’s success and we are honored to welcome her into the partnership group as we look toward the future of Vantage Leadership Consulting.” In her new role, Eileen will continue to work with clients, and develop new products and services. She has the added responsibility of contributing to the strategy, operations, and brand building for the firm.




Matt C. Howard, University of South Alabama, has been named to the Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher List (2023), which recognized only 7,125 researchers worldwide.  More information about the recognition can be found at https://clarivate.com/highly-cited-researchers/





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