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Report of the Executive Director Selection Advisory Committee

Tammy Allen, Milt Hakel, Bill Macey (co-chair), Fred Oswald (co-chair), Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt, and Nancy Tippins

In our last report, we described our progress in conducting a job analysis of the executive director (ED) position. Now, with a detailed understanding of the position requirements in hand, we have been intensely involved in the design and execution of the selection process itself.

First, we reached out to our colleagues in the assessment and testing community for their ideas and support; subsequently, we designed an assessment protocol that will be fully operational in late September and October—precisely matching our original timeline. During these early stages of executing the protocol, we reached out to over 20 potential partners, conducting a thorough review of potential assessment solutions. We were highly impressed by the quality of the proposals we received, and we are grateful to all those who responded to our inquiry. We remain collectively overwhelmed by the spirit of service to our Society evidenced by our colleagues.

Second, the job announcement was posted on July 6th and has appeared on the website of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE, https://careerhq.asaecenter.org/jobs), The NonProfit Times Career Match job posting website (http://careermatch.nptimes.com/jobs/), and on the SIOP website. Our job posting noted that applications would be received through September 1, so as we write this we continue to receive inquiries at a steady pace. We have been reviewing candidate credentials as we have received them, and we have also been conducting follow-up screening interviews, always with two members of the committee participating. We will continue this process through mid-September, at which point we will invite a group of finalist candidates to join us at the Bowling Green Administrative Office and complete the assessment process.

Our next report will hopefully announce the successful completion of our charter: By then, we plan to have the assessment process completed, with our selection recommendations forwarded to the Executive Board. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please direct them to Bill Macey (wmacey9@gmail.com).

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