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SIOP is Once Again Hosting Machine Learning and Student Consulting Competitions

Celebrating its fifth anniversary at the SIOP Annual Conference, the Machine Learning Competition stands as a testament to the growing synergy between machine learning and I-O psychology. Launched in 2018, this competition has become a cornerstone event, drawing both professionals and students who are passionate about data science and eager to showcase their skills in this dynamic field.

The 2024 Machine Learning Competition will spotlight large language models (LLMs), aligning with the latest advancements and trends in machine learning. The focus of the competition will be prompting LLMs to effectively complete a set of diverse tasks presented in benchmark datasets. These datasets will challenge participants to devise the most effective solutions to real-world problems relevant to our field.

This year, we are thrilled to announce a new sponsorship with HackerRank. This collaboration brings opportunities for cash prizes and swag for the winning teams to the competition. The top teams will be awarded cash prizes, split evenly among team members. The first-place team will be awarded $1,000, the second-place team $500, the third $250, and the fourth $100. All top teams will also receive exclusive HackerRank swag.

We invite interested participants to join this virtual competition, which offers a unique experience for professional growth and industry recognition. The top teams will also have the opportunity to present their winning solutions at the 2024 SIOP Annual Conference.

Registration for the competition is now open. The competition will begin on February 8, 2024.

To register, please visit the 2024 SIOP ML Competition webpage.

For more information, please visit the 2024 SIOP Machine Learning FAQ page.

Please reach out to Sebastian Marin (marin343@umn.edu) for more information.

The SIOP Student Consulting Challenge is designed to provide master’s and doctoral level students an opportunity to engage in a simulated consulting experience. The challenge will be hosted in partnership with John Deere and centered on a real business problem. Participants will work in virtual teams to create proposals for solutions, using their I-O psychology knowledge and their skills in analytics, problem solving, and presentation. Participants will learn valuable consulting skills from this experience while also growing their professional networks. Teams will have 4 days to construct a proposal that they will present to members of the host organization (John Deere) and a panel of judges. The winners will receive a cash prize and will present also present at the 2024 SIOP Annual Conference in Chicago.

Please reach out to your Program Director for student nomination details or Daniel Sachau (Daniel.Sachau@MNSU.EDU) for more information.

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