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Journal Gets New Editor, New Name, New Formats for 2024

SIOP Fellow Cort Rudolph has been named the new editor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Rudolph succeeds Tori Howes, who has led the journal for the past 3 years.

Rudolph is a professor of Psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and specializes in conducting quantitative research, especially focusing on longitudinal methodologies and meta-analysis. His research focuses broadly on topics ranging from aging workers and lifespan development, to occupational health, employee wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and leadership. Through his work, he strives for the promotion of open science practices.

“Since its inception, Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOP) has served as a catalyst, advancing important ideas and challenges that are faced by our field,” Rudolph said. “I deeply appreciate that this journal has provided individuals from all areas of I-O psychology, and across career stages, with the opportunity to share ideas and contribute to intellectual discourse. On a more personal note, I am grateful for the role that the journal has played in my own academic journey, as it was the platform where my first peer-reviewed paper was published, marking a significant milestone in my career.”

Rudolph shared that he accepted the editorship in part because he really enjoys editorial work.

“I believe I have the experience and qualifications to continue to grow the journal,” he said. “Over the years, I've served in various editorial capacities, and I maintain active involvement on numerous editorial review boards. I am excited to apply my experience to uphold and enhance the standard of excellence at IOP in the years to come.”

Rudolph explained that his vision for IOP is comprehensive and grounded in four important, interrelated ideas:

  • publishing high-impact focal articles
  • embracing empirical articles, encouraging open science practices, and prioritizing well-conducted, theoretically grounded research
  • encouraging diversity and inclusivity
  • to make IOP a flagship psychology journal, serving the needs of both academics and practitioners in the field.

He adds that he envisions IOP as a dynamic and inclusive platform that advances the field of IO psychology by publishing high-quality conceptual and empirical research, encouraging open science practices, and inviting active engagement of a diverse community of scholars and practitioners.

In addition to a new editor, the journal is also getting a new name. Industrial-Organizational Psychology is dropping the subtitle of Perspectives on Science and Practice. After a task force review, the SIOP Executive Board decided to move forward with updates to the IOP journal, first making the title shorter and more inclusive. The other big change is in the format of the journal itself. In addition to focal articles, the journal will now start accepting short empirical reports, scale validations, and theoretical boundary-testing/replications. The goal is to provide high quality content from I-O scientists that can be used effectively by I-O practitioners, moving closer to the original goal of the publication. Although all the details have not been decided, the plan is to produce special issues highlighting these new formats.

To view the latest issue and to see all the information available about IOP, visit the IOP webpage.

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