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Request for Relevant Data/Studies for (Mis)fit and Job Crafting Meta-Analysis

Dear colleagues,

Dr. Shani Pindek and I are currently conducting a meta-analysis on the relationship between indicators of fit (as well as indicators of misfit, such as overqualification) and job crafting. To this end, we are looking for unpublished studies that assessed at least one indicator of fit variable (including different types of person-job fit, person-organization fit, as well as misfit variables, such as overqualification) and one job crafting variable (including when only some facets of job crafting were assessed). If you have relevant research that is unpublished or that might be difficult to identify or find, we would greatly appreciate if you could send us the information described below to: wshen88@schulich.yorku.ca

Information Requested:

  • Sample characteristics (N, age (M, SD), proportion of gender, occupations)
  • Number of measurement points and the time lag between them
  • What scales were used and their Cronbach’s alphas
  • Correlations between the variables for all combinations of measurement time points
  • How you would like us to reference your work (i.e., citation)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Winny Shen and Shani Pindek

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