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SIOP Volunteer System Closes June 30

Volunteering on a SIOP committee adds a new layer of benefits to your SIOP membership that can’t be accessed anywhere else. Not only does volunteering on a committee come with a built-in network of thought leaders in the I-O psychology profession, but the work simultaneously enhances your knowledge of I-O psychology while also allowing you to gain new skills in a unique environment.

The deadline to sign up to volunteer on a SIOP committee through the SIOP Volunteer System (SVS) is June 30, 2024. However, please note that some committees are already full!

To volunteer for the first time OR if you are returning to serve on your committee from last year, you need to follow this process:

     1. Make sure your membership dues are paid through June 2025.

     2. While within your membership profile, take a minute to look over your data. The information on your profile will be shown to Committee Chairs, and you want them to have the most current information about you as they consider you for the work they plan this coming year.

     3. Read about the work committees are doing to decide where you'd like to serve.

     4. Follow the instructions on the SVS page to put your name in the system for Committee Chairs to review. If you are returning to a committee or only have one that you are most interested in serving this year, please only select that one committee from the list.

     5. Wait to hear from the Committee Chairs. You will receive notice of acceptance or denial from committees by June 30 when the system closes.

Positions are filled in order of submission through the system, so please don’t wait until June 30 when the SVS closes to add your name to the system.

SIOP flourishes thanks to the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. Thank you for your consideration to volunteer!

If you have any questions, please email Michelle Goro, Membership and Volunteer Development Manager, mgoro@siop.org for assistance.


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