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Nominate a Colleague for SIOP Fellowship

In our continued effort to honor extraordinary contributions to the field of industrial-organizational psychology, SIOP invites members to nominate deserving colleagues for SIOP Fellowship—one of the highest accolades a member can receive. This esteemed recognition is open to individuals from any I-O specialty or employment setting.

Nominee Requirements:

  • Must be a current Society Member at the time of nomination and for the previous two years.
  • Must have at least 10 years of professional membership, including the year of nomination.
  • Must demonstrate contributions that have had a significant, sustained, and extraordinary impact on the field of industrial-organizational psychology.
  • Must be nominated by fellow Members or Fellows; self-nomination is not permitted.

The nomination period will close on Tuesday, October 1, 2024. Due to the increasing volume of nominations, this adjusted deadline ensures each submission receives the thorough consideration it merits.

The Fellowship Committee will review all nominations and present recommendations to the Executive Board. New Fellows will be honored at the 2025 SIOP Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, and will be featured in SIOP’s various communications.

SIOP recognizes that outstanding contributions to our profession can come from diverse areas within I-O psychology, encompassing research, practice, teaching, administration, and service across various settings.

Achieving Fellow status is not merely a tally of criteria on a curriculum vitae. It is not solely a recognition of competence or a distinguished career. Rather, it celebrates those whose contributions are both unusual and outstanding, leaving a profound impact on I-O psychology.

“SIOP Fellows are distinguished by a consistently high level of excellence in their professional pursuits and a remarkable variety of impactful achievements,” said Karen Grabow, Chair of the SIOP Fellowship Committee for 2023-2024.

Each nomination is evaluated on its own merits; there is no set quota for the number of Fellows. The Fellowship Committee is committed to recognizing exceptional SIOP members while maintaining the high honor associated with Fellowship.

For complete requirements and procedures, as well as a timetable and examples of contributions, please visit our Fellowship webpage.


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