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Eden King

Hello SIOPers!

As I type these words, I feel connected to each and every one of you who is working quickly (feverishly?) and carefully (desperately?) to complete your submissions for the annual SIOP conference ahead of the impending deadline.

Believe it or not, I think about SIOP every day (even after the conference deadline). This is partly due to a task-management strategy: My “to do” list always has SIOP at the top. But my daily thoughts of SIOP are also a direct result of the extraordinary number of activities, initiatives, and ideas that are generated by our membership. Every day, SIOPers are working for the good of our profession. Sometimes it is elected portfolio officers or appointed committee chairs, sometimes it is staff in the Administrative Office, and sometimes it is student members who share their work with me and with SIOP. Observing this work and its benefits for SIOP is awe inspiring and will undoubtedly be a highlight of my time in office, and I’d like to share this experience with you!

Join me in basking in the reflected glory of a few examples of SIOPers who are working for the good of our profession:

  • Tiffany Poeppelman (Membership Chair) is coordinating a huge team of enthusiastic volunteers to analyze and improve the experiences of members across career stages.
  • Julie Olson-Buchanan (UN Committee Chair) and her committee are making connections and making an impact by bringing the science and practice of I-O to the United Nations.
  • I-O social media influencers like @ScienceForWork and @WorkrBeeing are expanding the outstanding efforts of our Visibility (Nikki Blacksmith) and Electronic Communications (Paul Thoreson) Committees.
  • Your representatives to the APA Council (Tammy Allen, Jeff McHenry, Steven Stark, and Sara Weiner) are working to amplify the voice of I-O psychology at APA.
  • Doug Reynolds and John Scott are planning an exciting Leading Edge Consortium on Assessment for the 2020s (Atlanta, October 2019).
  • Alex Alonso (GREAT Committee Chair) is coordinating several teams engaging in federal advocacy on I-O topics such as support for veterans’ transitions to work and the future of work.

Awe inspiring, right?

I’m also inspired by the collective action of our members, who recently voted with overwhelming support in favor of an addition to our Executive Board: an officer for Diversity & Inclusion. This meaningful and enduring change to the composition of the board can have an impact on the future of our Society and our profession.

You can see why my thoughts of SIOP are not only frequent but also full of hope and gratitude.


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