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Welcome to My Fall Presidential Column

Steven Rogelberg

In this column, I have two principal goals. Goal number one is to share with you a host of links to videos I created. The videos are short but hopefully informative and enjoyable.  To further entice you, here is what critics are saying about the videos:

  • “I can’t believe how much I learned about SIOP, I just can’t stop watching them.”
  • “I laughed, I cried, I learned, and it was all free…these videos are amazing.”
  • “Wow, just wow.  Thank you SIOP.  Wow.”

In the spirit of open science and open practice, to be fully transparent, there were some critical responses too:

  • “The lighting could have been better.”
  • “Rogelberg’s haircut in the 3rd video was hard to look at.”
  • “I felt like the videos were just too informative and too much fun; it hurt my head.”
  • “What happened at the 3-minute mark is just not acceptable.”

Please pick at least a couple of videos and give a watch. Learn about your SIOP—the opportunities abound.

The Videos


Now, my second goal is to share some news, notes, and updates.  Hope some of these items can really connect with you.

  • To promote visibility, science, and practice, SIOP and SHRM will be rolling out a 3 Minutes of Science video series for HR practitioners this year.  Each quarter SHRM releases a newsletter, HR Insights, to 150K of their members. As part of this newsletter, SIOP will include a 3-minute video of a SIOP member sharing evidence-based insights on a topic of great relevance to HR.
  • The Diversifying I-O Psychology Program (The DIP) is advancing fast and in such a meaningful way. We will start rolling out the initiative this fall.  Could not be more excited about this.
  • We are soon entering SIOP election season. Please nominate yourself or others for Executive Board positions. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, you have a bunch of meetings. But, it is incredibly rewarding and important work. And, our volunteers are just so much fun to work with. To learn more about how ballots are built and elections victors determined, visit
  • We are improving our website. This will be a pretty long process for sure. Fortunately, we have a great task force and will invest money to make this website really work for our members.  We are already making tweaks; you may have noticed.  More changes are coming! We really want to get this right.
  • We were on CAPITOL HILL!!!!! SIOP and Lewis-Burke Associates conducted a virtual briefing for congressional staff and other policymakers in mid-May on the topic of “Rebuilding the Federal Workforce.” Given the high levels of attrition among the federal workforce over the past several years, there is a renewed interest in exploring policy initiatives aimed at improving hiring, training, and retaining federal employees. To ensure I-O research is a part of that conversation, this briefing presented SIOP’s expertise in several areas related to the challenges currently facing the federal workforce, including diversity, equity, and inclusion; education and training; telework and work–life balance; and other relevant topics. SIOP presenters include Tammy Allen, Derek Avery, and Talya Bauer. We even had a senator join and say lots of nice things about SIOP. Here is a recording:
  • I would love to highlight some of the work of the Bridge Builders Subcommittee. They recently held a video panel on I-O aimed at educating potential future graduate students about our field. Over 100 undergraduates attended, and it highlighted the many questions undergraduates have about our field. This effort was led by Clemente Diaz, Sara Perry, and Roni Reiter-Palmon. Watch here:

Alrighty, I have hit my word count limit.  So, I will sign off here. Thanks for reading!

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