Gratitude and Our Military

Kristin Saboe, SIOP’s Military and Veterans initiative Task Force Chair

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November is a month that gives us the opportunity to not only reflect on what we are grateful for but to also celebrate freedom and what it takes to maintain it with Veterans Day. This past month SIOP has allowed the Military and Veterans Initiative Task Force to present to you a two-part series on increasing our general military and veteran’s literacy and highlight some of the significant strides the work of I-O psychology has enabled for the military by highlighting the work of Dr. Ed Salas. This week we want to bring the month of November to a close with a message of gratitude for the symbiotic relationship that exists between the field of industrial-organizational psychology and the performance of our military, military family members, and veterans.

See What’s New in the Top 10 Survey Round 2

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SIOP’s Visibility Committee asks you to share your insights on which workplace trends will be important in 2020. What are your clients, peers, and colleagues outside the profession talking about around the water cooler and the conference table?

Working with Amanda Woller, Visibility Committee Chair in Training, and Andrew Pepper, Media Subcommittee Chair, Dan Eisen, the Survey Analysis Coordinator, has compiled your suggestions from the first-round survey into a short list of 37 topics.

Now it’s time for you to help choose the final 10.

From the Navy to SIOP President: An Interview With Dr. Eduardo Salas

Josh Cotton and Kristin Saboe

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World-renowned I-O psychologist and former SIOP President Dr. Eduardo Salas is one of the most often cited SIOP members, having co-authored over 300 journal articles and co-edited 27 books. His contributions to the field of I-O outside of his own research include his service on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Military, and many other well respected publications. He has long dedicated his energies to building future researcher through his tenure at the University of Central Florida and now as the chair of the Department of Psychology at Rice University. 


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