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SIOP Members in the News

Clif Boutelle

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The news media has found SIOP members to be credible sources of information for their workplace related stories. And no wonder! SIOP members have a diverse range of expertise as evidenced by the listings in Media Resources on the SIOP web site (www.siop.org). There are more than 110 different workplace topics with nearly 2,000 SIOP members who can serve as resources to the news media.  

Report of the Executive Director Selection Advisory Committee

Tammy Allen, Milt Hakel, Bill Macey (co-chair), Fred Oswald (co-chair), Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt, and Nancy Tippins

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In our last report, we described our progress in conducting a job analysis of the executive director (ED) position. Now, with a detailed understanding of the position requirements in hand, we have been intensely involved in the design and execution of the selection process itself.

I-O @ APS 2017—Let’s Go to Boston!

Silvia Bonaccio, Margaret Beier, Harrison J. Kell, and Christopher Wiese

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The Association for Psychological Science’s (APS) Annual Convention is an exciting meeting that attracts internationally renowned researchers from every area of psychology, including many of our very own I-O scholars. With over 25,000 members, APS is the premiere international organization solely dedicated to the advancement of psychological science and the application of scientific psychology to the development of public policy. Last year’s convention rang in at over 4,000 attendees - a huge success! I-O had a strong presence at APS in 2016, with over 150 poster presentations and a special symposium showcasing student work. Exciting I-O events included two invited symposia (Mental Health at Work, and Aging and Retirement), and several invited talks by I-O scholars, such as Derek Avery (Temple University), Alice Eagly (Northwestern University), Carsten de Dreu (University of Amsterdam), Michele Gelfand (University of Maryland), and Filip Lievens (Ghent University). Additionally, Mikki Hebl (Rice University) spoke in a conference-wide interdisciplinary symposium on diversity, and both Tara Behrend (George Washington University) and Susan Mohammed (Penn State University) spoke in conference-wide, cross-cutting themes. Needless to say, I-O was very well represented.

American Psychological Association Convention 2016: Denver, Colorado

Mindy Shoss

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SIOP’s (Division 14) program at APA was a great success! Thank you to program chair Tara Behrend, who put together a fantastic program, and to all who presented at and attended the convention! We heard thought-provoking talks by Lori Foster, David Blustein, Terry Tracey, Alex Gloss, Roni Reiter-Palmon, Chris Shalley, Gwen Fisher, Nancy Tippins, Lynn Offerman, Ann Huffman, Deirdre Knapp, Carl Castro, and others on such topics as decent work and humanitarian work psychology, creativity and innovation in organizations, worker health, selecting leaders of leaders, women leaders, work military trends … and more! We had two poster sessions that featured posters on a wide range of topics within I-O psychology. Beyond our divisional programming, Bruce Avolio and Kelley Slack delivered exciting plenary session talks on leader development and on behavioral risks on Mars and asteroid missions. And Eduardo Salas received the 2016 APA Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contributions to Psychology!



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