What Is Agility and What Makes an Organization Agile?

By Ben Baran

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CEOs and other executives have plenty to keep them up at night: the possibility of shifting economic cycles (i.e., recession), trade concerns, cyber security, acquiring and keeping top talent, adapting to changing customer preferences, regulatory influences on their business, and more.

Additionally, technology continues to advance rapidly, requiring organizations to adapt quickly or risk obsolescence. These pressures all require change; but in particular, these pressures require organizations to become increasingly agile—or nimble—as they proactively navigate their given industry or sector.

Register to be a Potential Reviewer for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

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On behalf of the National Science Foundation (NSF), we invite you to register as a potential reviewer for the 2020 Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students pursuing research-based masters and doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and STEM Education at accredited, non-profit US institutions of higher education. See the Program Solicitation, NSF 19-590 for more details on GRFP. NSF seeks a diverse mix of researchers and educators from a wide range of institutions, geographic locations, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary backgrounds to serve as reviewers.

SIOP Endorses Randall P. White for APA Board

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The election for the American Psychological Association (APA) President begins on September 16, and will close October 30, 2019. The ballot will also have 2 slates for APA Board of Directors. APA will distribute ballots to their voting members.

APA members nominated five candidates to appear on the 2020 president-elect ballot. SIOP President Eden King sent all candidates three questions that are directly related to SIOP interests. Three of the five candidates responded and their full answers appear on the SIOP website. 

SIOP Needs You!

Reviewers needed for SIOP 2020 submissions.

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The SIOP 2020 conference preparations are well underway and now your help is needed. Nearly 1,400 submissions will be received for consideration, and each of them will need to be reviewed by at least 3 knowledgeable academics and practitioners. The sign-up process is easy. Sign into your SIOP account and then go to https://www.siop.org/Annual-Conference. Click on “Reviewer Sign Up.” Fill out the form and submit. It’s that easy! Any SIOP Member, Associate, Fellow, or Retired member can volunteer. Students Affiliates may also be reviewers provided they have successfully defended their dissertation proposals and have presented at a previous SIOP conference as first authors.

New Videos Highlight Top 10 Trends

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Are robots really coming for our jobs? Even I-O jobs? Tara Behrend, associate professor in the Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication at George Washington University and one of the coeditors of Workforce Readiness and the Future of Work, addresses this question in a 5-minute video that was recorded live at the Top 10 Trends IGNITE session during the 2019 Annual Conference, held last April at the Gaylord National Resort.


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