Register for the Individual Leadership Assessment Course at SIOP 2020

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The SIOP Professional Practice Portfolio is proud to present the Advanced Professional Development (APD) course on Individual Leadership Assessment. This course provides a professional development opportunity for experienced assessment psychologists to strengthen their assessment skills and techniques, and to learn from other highly experienced colleagues. Two initial course modules were offered at SIOP 2018.    

Letter of Solicitation for Research Study Participants

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Dear Prospective Participant,
I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Phoenix in the College of Doctoral Studies in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program.  I am seeking participants for a study to identify consensus of experts on forward-looking strategies for modifying performance appraisals for aging employees.  To serve on the panel, one should have either 5-10 years’ experience in conducting employee appraisals or be an employee nearing retirement age (55+), or a member of management.  The surveys will take place online via SurveyMonkey. 

Hello, Goodbye (Sort Of), and Thank You!

Transition on the APA Council of Representatives

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When the SIOP Executive Board convenes at the JW Marriott Hotel in Austin, Texas at the end of this month, Gavan O’Shea, elected as one of SIOP’s four APA Council Representatives last June, will take over for departing representative Stephen Stark.

As Dr. Stark says farewell to his duties as an APA Council Representative, it’s not really “goodbye!” He remains actively involved in SIOP, currently serving on the Workshop, International Affairs, and External Relations Committees.

SIOP is grateful for his continuing work on behalf of the profession and the organization. President-Elect Georgia Chao, who served on the APA Council with him, said, “Steve was an invaluable colleague to work with on Council.  He was diplomatic and thoughtful to the nuances of APA governance and worked well with other members of Council to promote SIOP's interests.”

Keeping Up With APA: Calls for RFP and Nominations

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First, members who are interested in being nominated for APA president-elect are invited to submit a 50-word statement to the Election Office by January 24.  Statements will be sent with the president-elect nomination ballot that is scheduled to go out on February 3.  Please send your statements to

Second, APA is seeking proposals for consultation to provide advice for restructuring the Public Interest Directorate’s (PI) offices and staffing. Proposals should be submitted by 5 pm on Friday, January 31, 2020, to Donella Graham at

How to WIN in the Workplace: Salary Negotiations

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Creating a knowledge pool of experts, seasoned professionals, and peers who can provide sound advice in a meaningful and tangible way is an invaluable asset. This is what spurred the creation of the “How to WIN in the Workplace” online discussion series. The goal is to bring together panelists with varying backgrounds and experiences to speak on real workplace topics, questions, and problems. Attendees are encouraged to have real discussions in a true “Ask me anything” format around the topic for the session.

Hosted by the SIOP Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), the kick-off of their online discussion sessions, How to WIN in the Workplace: Salary Negotiations, will be January 27th at 5 pm CST. We will explore the challenges and strategies of salary negotiation with Drs. Alexis Fink, Julie Olson-Buchanan, Kecia Thomas, and Nick Salter.  The four panelists provide both academic and applied insights around the topic of salary negotiations as well as unique experiences on the topic. The session will be conducted in an informal style, and you are encouraged to send in questions before the session or to ask during the session. 


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