Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge

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Members are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. Here are the newest members of SIOP, the newest members of the 25+ years of membership club, and the latest members to upgrade from Associate to Full Member. Thanks to them all!

SIOP’s Teaching Resources: A Report From the Education and Training Committee

Thaddeus Rada-Bayne, Augsburg University, Marissa Shuffler, Clemson University

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The start of 2019 finds the Education and Training (E&T) Committee engaged in a variety of efforts to provide support to teachers in a diverse array of settings. In this update, we would like to highlight some of the resources that the Teaching Tools (TT) subcommittee of E&T oversees. We would also like to solicit feedback on how access to these materials could be improved to reach the widest audience possible.


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