SIOP Research Access: An Instrumental Service Worth Adding to Your Membership

Martin Royal and Tara Myers

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The scientific foundation of I-O psychology is what sets us apart from other practitioners. For many I-O psychologists, access to an academic library is lost when we finish school. Still, we need to stay abreast of our field and keep our knowledge and skills sharp. We also need access to solid, useful resources. Practitioners may use literature sources when working on tasks such as:

American Psychological Foundation Upcoming Deadlines

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American Psychological Foundation 
Apply online for all programs here:
Questions? Email APF’s program coordinator, Julia, at .

Upcoming Deadlines

Sharon Stephens Brehm Undergraduate Psychology Scholarships: $5,000
Due July 1, 2020
APF’s only undergraduate program. The Brehm Undergraduate Scholarship Program will provide assistance to students majoring in psychology with demonstrated financial need. International students and students who are undocumented are welcome to apply.

Nominate by June 30!

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SIOP and the SIOP Foundation have a rich history of awarding deserving individuals and groups for research that advances the field of industrial and organizational psychology. This tradition continues with the 2021 slate of awards, open now for nominations. New this year, the Awards Committee created an interactive poster with all of the awards, grants, and scholarships to help you decide which one(s) might apply to you. 

Find the open awards and criteria at Nominations for awards, research grants, and scholarships close on June 30, so nominate yourself or a worthy colleague now.

Something for Everyone!

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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) has always prided itself on its broad appeal, including articles and items for all members of the I-O community. If you haven’t accessed TIP lately, here are some of the most recent articles, labeled to make it easier than ever to find information relevant to your work and your interests

A Broader Vision of I-O Psychology: First SIOP Visionary Circle Grant Goes to Project Supporting Gig Workers

By Robin Gerrow

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The number of self-employed workers in the United States has been growing and is expected to comprise as much as 40% of the workforce by the mid-2020s. Although many of us think of gig workers as shoppers or ride-share drivers, as many as 60% of them are skilled professionals.

The winners of the inaugural Visionary Grant are seeking to widen the vision of I-O psychology and make sure those workers have the resources needed to thrive.

Dr. Sue Ashford from the University of Michigan, Dr. Brianna Barker Caza of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and PhD candidate Brittany Lambert of the University of Colorado, Boulder, won the prestigious grant of $100,000 for a proposal to identify the particular challenges faced by gig workers and test evidence-based interventions to bolster resilience among those workers.

“We’ve spent decades on research with a particular worker in mind,” Ashford said, “a worker who travels to a particular place very day and works within an organization. But there is a growing body of people who just don’t work in that way and who may not fit into our theories. And we aren’t capturing their experiences. Those are people who work independently, outside of an organization and on their own.”



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