Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey Invitation

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This study is a 10-minute survey examining how satisfied current PhD students in the field of Psychology are. In particular we are interested in reaching out to as many students as possible from all institutions in the United States. So far we have collected data from 825 graduate students from over 50 PhD program in psychology. Questions included in this survey pertain to individual well-being, satisfaction with one's graduate program, and perceptions of work and field related norms. This study has been approved by the University of Massachusetts Amherst IRB. For more information please contact

Need Help Transitioning to Online Classes? SIOP is Launching a Dynamic Resource Guide for Faculty & Students

Christopher W. Wiese, Marissa L Shuffler, Diana R. Sanchez, Adriane M.F. Sanders, & Richard Mendelson SIOP Education & Training Committee

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With many colleges and universities moving their face-to-face classes online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are in the predicament of having to quickly transition our courses to an online format. In response to this need, SIOP’s Education and Training Committee is spearheading a cross-committee effort to share tips and recommendations to help our colleagues quickly transition their courses online. In the coming days, we will also share dates and times for a series of “virtual office hours” hosted by SIOP members experienced in delivering online I-O graduate and undergraduate courses, in order to provide additional support and advice.

Through initial efforts, we’ve produced an Online Teaching Survival Guide. This document consolidates resources and recommendations that will help with the rapid transition of classes to online formats that will keep the structural integrity of courses they have already designed.  This is not the time to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to your courses, but you may have to redirect where your wheel is going.

The Strategic Design and Management of Psychologically Based Consulting Firms.

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The new issue of Consulting Psychology Journal is a Special Issue on The Strategic Design and Management of Psychologically Based Consulting Firms

Guest-edited by Marc B. Sokol and Larry Norton, the articles offer an inside look at a variety of models for initiating, growing, divesting and closing a consulting business in consulting psychology (See bottom for links to the articles). 

The issue kicks off with a wonderful introduction to this special issue by Marc and Larry providing a focus for the five individual consulting company and practitioner based practice model authors to share their wisdom, experiences and recommendations for starting and growing a successful business in consulting psychology.



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