Submission deadline for the 2020 Southern Management Conference is extended to May 11th

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In these uncertain times of Covid-19, many of us are doing things a little differently and some of us have additional responsibilities. For these reasons, the submission deadline for the 2020 Southern Management Conference is extended to May 11th (

At this time, we still plan to hold the SMA 2020 Conference on October 20th – 24th in St. Pete Beach, FL. If social distancing requirements prevent a face-to-face conference, we will have a virtual conference. Regardless of the format (face-to-face, virtual or hybrid), the SMA Conference will feature all of our usual components, including doctoral and faculty consortiums, paper presentations, symposiums, panel discussions, methodological talks, and social events.

University of Minnesota Duluth is continuing to accept applications for admissions into the program for Fall

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The Industrial Organizational track of the Masters of Arts in Psychology Science (MAPS) program at the University of Minnesota Duluth is continuing to accept applications for admissions into the program for Fall 2020.

Students in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology track will be trained to be evidence-based practitioners and prepared to pursue doctoral-level training. Through coursework spanning the areas of personnel selection, employee motivation, training and development, performance management and evaluation, and organizational change and development, students will be immersed in scientific research in order to acquire the knowledge and skills to solve a variety of workplace issues. Students will apply these skills through applied projects with real organizational clients to prepare for employment in organizational settings. 

Call for Papers on the COVID-19 Pandemic with a Rapid Review Process

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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered many aspects of work and nonwork life, with both short-term and likely long-term effects. There are many potential ways that the science of applied psychology can contribute to the public good and enhance our understanding of how COVID-19 has affected employees, leaders, teams, families, organizations as well as the communities in which these groups reside in. The faster that we can bring our scientific evidence to others, the more we can help.

Request for Data: Economic Status and Avoidance Motivation

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Dear Colleagues,

My graduate student, Karen Gilbert, and I are conducting a meta-analysis on the association between economic status and avoidance motivation. Our aim is to include as many published and unpublished studies in our meta-analysis as possible, and we are hoping that researchers who have collected data on these constructs will contribute estimates to our meta-analysis.

SIOP Goes Virtual

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The SIOP 2020 Program Emergency Task Force is working hard to bring you a new way to experience the SIOP Conference and access the latest cutting-edge research. Preliminary details about the virtual conference and an FAQ page are available at and will continue to be updated.

Here are the basics:

  1. The conference will be virtual and asynchronous, so the presentations will be online for you to access as your schedule permits in mid-June
  2. You will be able to interact with presenters and other attendees using the popular Whova app
  3. You will be able to access the sessions and Whova only if you are registered for the conference. Not registered yet? You will be able to register soon, and at the early conference registration rate!
  4. Accepted conference submitters are being contacted soon to invite them to participate by sharing their research and session materials in the virtual event.

Working together and making the most of technology, we can make SIOP 2020 a different but exciting and informative event!



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