Beyond “Moneyball”

Dan J. Putka & David Dorsey, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)

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I-O Psychology and the Maturation of AI/ML Technology in HR

When people think of data and HR, one of the first images that may still come to mind is Moneyball.  For those of you who don’t follow movies or baseball, Moneyball was a 2011 movie that chronicled major league baseball’s Oakland Athletics’ 2002 experience developing objective methods for quantifying human behavior and improving job performance using copious amount of data.

Does Your Vote Matter?

SIOP Administrative Office

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Shape SIOP Leadership to Shape I-O Psychology’s Future

I-O psychologists have been studying the importance of leadership since the beginning of the discipline, and the subject never grows stale.  A current example is the upcoming Leading Edge Consortium (register now!), which is once again exploring a facet of the topic, with its focus on High Potential Talent.

Tips for Making Leadership Development an Organizational Competitive Advantage

Elisa M. Torres and Samantha Dubrow, George Mason University, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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Across nearly every industry, work requires leaders to be equipped with the necessary tools to provide innovative solutions to complex problems their organizations face. Many organizations recognize the tremendous impact leadership has on their overall performance, which is evident by the billions of dollars spent by organizations in the US on leader and leadership development each year. Successful leader and leadership development in organizations should begin with an “assessment of readiness” regarding the current state of individual leaders and the organization’s leadership capacity. 

New Episode of the I-O Podcast Now Available

SIOP Administrative Office

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Elliot Lasson, PhD, and Kyana Beckles, MPS, are the guests on the fourth episode of SIOP’s I-O Podcast series, “Industrious and Organized: The I-O Entrepreneur,” now available on the SIOP website.

Elliot Lasson (left) is professor and director of the Master of Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Rockville, Maryland. He has operated professionally in the private, public, consulting, and nonprofit sectors.

Self-Compassion and Work-Life Balance

Elaina Loveland

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Affordable and Teachable Resource May Benefit Workers and Employers

It seems that the term “mindfulness” is all the rage now for both personal fulfillment and for professionals in the business world. The concept of mindfulness is just one component of the more comprehensive concept of “self-compassion.”

Jessica M. Nicklin, PhD, associate professor of psychology and director for the online master’s program in organizational psychology at the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut, set out to study self-compassion and how it influences work–life balance in the study, “Positive Work–Life Outcomes: Leveraging Self-Compassion and Balance.”



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