Call for Fellows Nominations

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SIOP is now accepting nominations for Society Fellow status until November 1, 2019. Detailed procedures for nominating SIOP Fellows are available on the SIOP website.

SIOP Fellow nominees can come from all I-O areas and from all employment settings. SIOP recognizes several bases for Fellowship: research, teaching, practice, administration, and professional service. The common criterion in every case is “demonstrated outstanding contribution.” Fellowship is recognition by one’s peers for that contribution. Fellow nominees must be endorsed by at least three (3) SIOP Fellows. Members do not nominate themselves; they must be nominated by another SIOP Member or Fellow who coordinates the submission of the required nomination materials (  

A Goodbye, A New Leader, A Familiar Face

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The SIOP Administrative staff is bidding a fond farewell to SIOP Executive Director Jeff Hughes, who has announced his retirement effective August 31. Hughes’ last day in the Administrative Office will be August 2; and he will work in a consulting capacity while handing over the ED role to former SIOP staffer Tracy Vanneman.

Hughes began his training for the SIOP Executive Director role in February 2017, taking the reins May 1 when Dave Nershi retired. During his tenure, Hughes has overseen the new web site, the restructuring of the Administrative Office, and the hiring of many new SIOP staff members, in addition to continuing responsibility for the conference, leading edge consortium, and day to day administrative duties.  When asked about his time with SIOP, Hughes explained, “SIOP is an outstanding example of a well-run, volunteer-led nonprofit.  The Executive Board and the Administrative Office staff work extremely well together to serve the Society’s members.  It’s been a privilege being part of such a fine group of passionate volunteers and professional staff.”

Call for #SIOP20 Submission Reviewers

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The SIOP Annual Conference brings together thousands of I-O psychologists from around the world to network, share knowledge, and form lifelong professional associations.

With so many submissions for #SIOP20, we need an abundance of reviewers! The SIOP 2020 Program Committee requests your help to build another top-notch, peer-reviewed conference program in Austin, Texas. You are an I-O expert, and Team SIOP needs your reviews of submissions.



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