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2023 Membership Survey

Survey Subcommittee of the SIOP Membership Committee: Katye Griswold, Cameron Klein, Victoria Hendrickson, Harry Kohn, Kelsey Byerly, Brett Guidry, Kat Defilippi, Erik Zito, Amy Wester, and Will Thai

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The Uncertain Future of I-O Licensing and Certification: The SIOP Certification Task Force Requests Your Attention

Elizabeth L. Shoenfelt, Western Kentucky University; Elliot D. Lasson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Joel Lefkowitz, Baruch College and the Graduate Center, CUNY; Robert E. Lewis, APTMetrics; Rodney L. Lowman, Alliant International University and Lowman & Richardson/Consulting Psychologists, PC; Daniel A. Schroeder, Cochair, Organization Development Consultants, Inc.; & Judith C. Walters, Kenfield Walters, Intl LLC/Management and Leadership Strategies

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