2019 Living History Interview With Dr. Benjamin Schneider Now Available for Viewing

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“I’ve always been a persister. I can work at things for a long time and keep at it. I’ve been unbelievably lucky because all of the things that I work at and keep at I really love doing.”

Dr. Benjamin Schneider joined Margaret E. Brooks for the 2019 SIOP Living History Series at the annual conference. In this session, Schneider talked about his early jobs, his education, his SIOP presidency, and his family. Dr. Schneider’s talk is available to watch on the SIOP YouTube channel.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments for Consideration by SIOP Members and Fellows

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Beginning on June 20 (and through July 19), all SIOP Members and Fellows will have the opportunity to vote for two bylaws amendments relating to the Executive Board. In accordance with SIOP Bylaws Article IX (Amendments) Section 1, a notice of these proposed bylaw changes was emailed to the last known address of SIOP Members at least 30 days before the scheduled vote. 

The first proposed amendment is an important change to the SIOP bylaws that would create a new elected officer position. The second proposed bylaws amendment clarifies the eligibility of currently serving officers to stand for election.

Read more about the amendments and the proposed text here:

SIOP Star Shines Brightly

SIOP Fellow Michele Gelfand Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

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Michele J. Gelfand, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of Maryland, is part of an illustrious group including Former First Lady Michelle Obama and more than 200 other luminaries elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on April 17, 2019.

Join the Conversation on May 15

Past SIOP President Ann Marie Ryan is the Guest of the Next Conversation Series Episode

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Have your morning coffee over a live conversation with Dr. Ann Marie Ryan. In the twelfth conversation of this web based audio series, the prominent I-O psychologist will share information about her background, work, and insights on the field.

Impressions From UMBC@SIOP


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I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the Master’s Student Consortium at this year’s SIOP annual conference in National Harbor, MD. This was my first time attending the SIOP conference in any capacity, and the consortium was a great way to kick-start this experience with a smaller dose of networking and educational sessions before the main conference.


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