Reflections and Resolutions

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SIOP’s advocacy work takes many forms and includes work in Washington DC to advance the application of I-O concepts in policymaking.

Review SIOP’s 2019 federal advocacy work and find out how you can get involved in 2020 with two infographics prepared by SIOP’s government relations partner, Lewis-Burke Associates, LLC.

New Year, New Decade

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As you make progress on your resolutions, why not resolve to update your SIOP profile! It's quick and easy. Give your fellow members, media outlets, and potential employers the most up-to-date information about you.

Your SIOP profile is the most powerful tool you have to promote yourself through SIOP. Don’t be the SIOPer with the outdated or empty profile.

You also don’t want to miss your opportunity to be featured in a news outlet, contracted for your consulting services, or connected to a future research collaborator.

How to complete your SIOP profile:

January Savings With SIOP

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One of the many benefits SIOP offers to members is free access to the SIOP Saving Center.

The SIOP Saving Center offers exclusive discount benefits at Office Depot® OfficeMax® to save on office essentials, ink and toner, paper, cleaning/breakroom items, and even offers personal benefits.

For the month of January, SIOPers can save up to 75% on office products. To explore all the savings possibilities, click here!



On the Horizon

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The SIOP Foundation has always looked to the future. The trustees, in addition to stewarding awards and grants, continuously look for new ways to further the goals of IO psychology, a prime generator of evidence-based practices for many facets of human resource management. One avenue is to explore the opportunities to improve the alignment between research conducted by SIOP members and important real-world organizational problems. This has led to the creation of the latest Foundation initiative: Project Horizon.


The purpose of the Horizon Project is to identify research domains and key topics where the field of IO psychology is uniquely positioned to be a thought leader in areas relevant to strengthening individual, unit, and organizational outcomes. The goal is to devise strategies to seed and grow R&D while

Let’s Get Touristy at #SIOP20

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Are you looking to explore Austin while at the SIOP Annual Conference but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! You can discover the city in just two hours with the Tour of Austin.

This fast-paced “bucket list” tour gives visitors a great snapshot of Austin: get dizzy gazing upward at the Capitol’s dome, indulge in decadent treats from iconic food trucks, explore cool outdoor art, snap photos at city landmarks, and check out funky neighborhoods only a local would know about.

This detour is jam-packed with facts, history and trivia on everything from Whole Foods to the UT campus, and everyone from Michael Dell to Willie Nelson. By the time you’re done with this tour, you’ll be able to say you “get” Austin – the history, people, music, culture, food and what keeps it “weird.”

The tour will be held Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 from 1:00 – 3:15pm. The Motor Coach pick up and drop off is conveniently located at the JW Marriott.

Visit the SIOP Conference webpage to learn more about what the Tour of Austin has to offer.




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