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Tara Behrend

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My term as TIP editor is coming to an end. Thanks to TIP, I’ve learned a ton about SIOP members and the amazing work they are doing to advance science and practice. I’ve learned to appreciate Twitter. And most importantly, I’ve learned how to beg, cajole, and threaten people about deadlines.

I’m very grateful for this experience and also ready to begin the next one.

I had a few goals when I started. Format-wise, I wanted to get rid of the e-reader and move to simple html.  Second, I wanted to bring back the printed copies! So, mixed success on that front. Content-wise, I wanted to keep TIP traditions alive and bring in new ones. Long-standing columns like The Academic’s Forum, Max Classroom Capacity, On the Legal Front, and TIP-TOPics for Students have continued to thrive. These columnists deliver insight and evidence in every issue; I’m so grateful for the service they provide to SIOP members.


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