Two SIOPers Among getAbstract’s International Book Award Nominees

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Rule Makers, Rule Breakers by Michele Gelfand, Scribner, and The Surprising Science of Meetings by Steven G. Rogelberg, Oxford UP, are 2 of the 20 books nominated for the 19th annual getAbstract International Book Award.

The award recognizes two English and two German books that have made outstanding contributions to social debates over the past year. For the first time, getAbstract will partner with the business magazine Capital.

“Presenting interesting and relevant books to our readers has always been an integral part of Capital’s format,” said Horst von Buttlar, Capital’s editor-in-chief. “I’m delighted that we’re giving business books a bigger stage with this joint award.”

Call for Officer Nominations

Nominate your MVPs for leadership positions on Team SIOP

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The process of selecting new members of the Executive Board for the 2020-2021 fiscal year will begin soon.  Nominations will open on September 1 for elected positions on SIOP’s Executive Board, and the nomination period ends at midnight EDT on September 30. Voting members of SIOP are urged to make nominations for the open offices listed below.

Member participation in SIOP’s nomination process helps determine not only the future of the Society but also of the profession of I-O psychology.

So please take time to seriously consider the role of SIOP’s Executive Board and nominate those members you believe can best serve in these capacities.


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The long-expected seventh edition of the best-selling Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association will go on sale in October, with a first printing of 700,000 copies, APA announced at the opening of APA 2019, the association’s 127th annual convention.

The Evolution of Automation in Talent Assessment and Selection

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Brendan Neuman, PhD - Basil Consultants and Maura Burke, PhD - HumRRO

With increasing coverageartificial intelligence of automated talent assessment appearing in the popular press, it’s no surprise that employers’ expectations are moving toward automated selection processes. That said, there is a limit to what can be effectively and responsibly automated, as the interaction between human behavior and workplace context is messy and difficult to quantify. Although AI and automation can be pragmatic aids to recruit talent, selection decisions are more ambiguous, involve higher stakes, and require a great deal of contextual information. In this article, we explore the state of automation in talent assessment and shed light on its benefits and limitations.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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The time has come! September is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month! The goal of Smarter Workplace Awareness Month is to help others learn how industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists use science to make the workplace smarter—more efficient, healthy, just, productive, and engaged. 


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