SIOP Virtual Conference Content Available through July

Update on 2021 Call for Proposals

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COVID-19 threw the world a curveball this spring, forcing companies and organizations to adapt in ways few could have imagined at the beginning of the year. SIOP, which was in the final planning stages for its 2020 Annual Conference, was no exception. But within weeks, with hard work and dedication from members, volunteers, and staff, the show went on.

“The annual conference is such an important event for our membership,” said SIOP Conference Chair Dr. Scott Tonidandel, professor of management, UNC-Charlotte. “The knowledge sharing, the networking, the socialization, and the inspiration that we all get from interacting and learning from one another at the annual conference isn’t something that we could lose even though we had to cancel the in-person event. The virtual conference allowed us to reclaim these vital activities.”

Boosting Job Performance When Working from Home: Four Key Strategies

By Anita C. Keller, Caroline Knight, Sharon K. Parker

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The outbreak of COVID-19 forced many companies to adopt remote work practices, including many who traditionally did not support flexible work arrangements. Several of these companies have now embraced remote working, claiming people’s productivity during this time means they will allow more flexibility in the future.

But are managers prepared for such a shift? Do organizations have in place what is needed for workers to be productive at home over the much longer haul? In our study of approximately 1,300 employees working from home, a clear majority of employees, report being about as productive now (33.7%), or even more productive (37.5%), than before COVID-19, with 28.8% indicating they are less productive.

We investigated what sets high performing employees apart from employees who do not perceive they are performing well. In our analysis, we found four factors that stand out and help employees to perform more effectively when working at home.

Katzell Award Deadline Extended to July 31

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The deadline has been extended for the 2021 Raymond A. Katzell Award in I-O Psychology, which is designed to recognize a SIOP member who, in a major way, has shown to the general public the importance of work done by I-O psychology for addressing social issues.

Nominations and applications for this award will now be accepted until midnight ET July 31.

Call for Unpublished Data

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I am seeking unpublished data on the association between mental health (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.) and workplace injuries (i.e., frequency, severity, or presence/absence) for a meta-analysis on the topic. 

If you have access to data that potentially captures these variables but are short on time, please send me a quick note and we can work something out when it is convenient for you. 

If you are able to share the raw data, please reply with an anonymized dataset and how you would like it to be cited. 

If you would like to share results from data which itself cannot be shared, I kindly request a few pieces of information: 
1. Effect size(s) (e.g., preferably correlation coefficients, but could vary depending on the nature of the variables [e.g., chi-square, OR, Cohen’s d may be more appropriate]) for the relationship between mental health and workplace injury indicators.
2. Measurement characteristics including 2.1) how the indicators were measured (scale, number of items, measurement source, length of recall used), and if applicable, 2.2) internal reliability of measurement. 
3. Study characteristics including 3.1) design (e.g., concurrent, longitudinal, case-control) and 3.2) context (e.g., field, residence, lab). 
4. Sample characteristics including 4.1) sample size, 4.2) mean age, and 4.3) % male. If available, any information on 4.4) industry/occupation of sample, as well as 4.5) minority-, 4.6) relationship-, 4.7) income-, and 4.8) educational-status would also be welcome. 

SIOP and SIOP Foundation call for Anti-Racism Grant Project Proposals

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SIOP and the SIOP Foundation have announced the criteria for their new Anti-Racism Grant. Created to deepen our understanding of racism at work, the grant is a step toward meeting needs for social justice in the workplace.

The Foundation is also collecting contributions for the fund and will continue to do so indefinitely. Contributions can be made on the Foundation webpage; select “FDN Anti-Racism Grant.”

“Racism in the workplace has become a flashpoint,” said Foundation President Milt Hakel. “Research won’t end racism. But racism won’t end without research. I-Os need to seize the opportunity to direct our talents toward promoting equal employment opportunity as a path for addressing systemic racism.”


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