Emerging Issues in the Licensure of I-O Psychologists: Part I

Mark S. Nagy, Xavier University, Daniel A. Schroeder, Organization Development Consultants, Inc.

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This is the first of two articles exploring issues related to the licensure, certification, and credentialing of I-O psychologists. The potential for I-O psychologists to harm the public is discussed, and distinctions between licensing, certification, and credentialing are drawn. It is suggested that SIOP must distinguish I-O psychology from other fields, and this distinction may be enhanced through licensing and/or certification efforts. Finally, it is suggested that such efforts to distinguish I-O psychology from other fields will greatly improve the branding of I-O psychology.

Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities of the Testing Industry: Practitioners' Perspectives

Alex Casillas ACT, Inc. Kelly Dages FifthTheory, LLC Brandon Ferrell Hogan Assessment Systems

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Tests and their results influence millions of lives every day, whether it is in school, at work, or in other settings ( Assessments are an integral part of the employment experience for selection, development, certification, licensure, and workforce skills credentialing. The testing industry faces numerous challenges, changes, and opportunities.

Local I-O Groups’ Great Hits

Anna Erickson, SHL; Ginger Whelan, Whelan & Associates; Donna Sylvan, Sylvan & Associates; Brooke Allison, TIAA; Peter Scontrino, Scontrino-Powell; and Naz Tadjbakhsh, Alliant International University

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It’s that time of year again.  Soon thousands of I-O psychologists will be descending upon the National Harbor to exchange knowledge, ideas, and learnings.  As the conference approaches, we are inspired by the theme “I am SIOP” that Talya Bauer championed throughout her term as SIOP president.  And, inspired by this vision, many SIOP members will choose to continue that energy once they return home through participation in a local I-O group.  Local I-O Groups throughout the country (and around the world) are living proof of the “I am SIOP” vision as they extend the learning, networking, and sharing into local communities. 

Working for the United Nations: More Perspectives of SIOP Members

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In the January issue, the SIOP UN team presented its first article that shared the inside perspective of SIOP members who have worked with the UN as interns or volunteers.  As promised, in this follow-up article, we present insights of SIOP members who have worked as staff members for the United Nations.  

Congress Passes FY 2019 Spending Bill

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On February 14, after months of negotiations and the longest government shutdown in history, Congress passed a compromise $333 billion, seven-bill fiscal year (FY) 2019 appropriations “minibus” package.  President Trump signed the bill into law on February 15. This is the third and final minibus passed by Congress for FY 2019, just 1 day shy of the expiration of a stop-gap measure that averted another government shutdown for major research agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  The Department of Energy and Department of Defense received finalized FY 2019 under earlier minibus packages.


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