Volume 60
Number 2
Autumn 2022
Editor: Adriane M. F. Sanders

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The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice: Efficiency in the Face of Uncertainty: NYC Health Hospitals’ HR COVID-19 Response: How Science Informed Practice
Danielle Carron, Carlos Martinez, & Ivelesse Mendez-Justiniano (Editors: Apryl Brodersen, Sarah Layman, & Erika Morral)

Trends in SIOP Conference Presentations With a Global/International/Cross-Cultural Focus: Are We Losing Ground?
Vipanchi Mishra, H. Kristl Davison, Jenna Schreiber, & Meghan Yurick

Academics’ Forum: On Navigating the Dobbs Ruling as a Female Academic
Cindy Maupin & Nitya Chawla

Mobilizing Knowledge: Our Personal Outreach Approach and Computer Application
Stephen D. Risavy, Chet Robie, Peter A. Fisher, & Sabah Rasheed