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From the Editor: My Old Kentucky Home

Laura L. Koppes
Eastern Kentucky University

My first column for the July issue of TIP was written while living in the Czech Republic this past winter and spring. After 6 months of teaching Czech students about research and practice in industrial-organizational psychology and human resource management, being an ambassador to heighten awareness about Americans, and traveling around Europe, I must admit that it is nice to return home. I return as an individual who has grown many ways both personally and professionally, however. My good friend and colleague, Susan McFadden of the University of WisconsinOshkosh, stated to me before my departure that living abroad as a Fulbright Scholar could be a life-changing experience. I did not have a thorough understanding of the significance of that statement until after having to reenter into the American culture and society for the past few months. I view and approach life differently than I did before. (For the better, I hope!) 

Many SIOP members and International Affiliates have had enlightening experiences in other countries. To learn from each other, I am pleased that Natalie Allen is spearheading a new column in this issue about international work experiences titled Changing Places in a Small World. For those of you who know Natalie, you would agree that she is an appropriate subject matter expert for this column because she and her family have lived and worked abroad on several occasions. Please be sure to contact Natalie about including your adventures in future columns.

I mentioned in the last issue that I was looking for a SIOP member to provide leadership for a column that focuses on international issues. Although retiring from the Practice Network column, Michael M. Harris enthusiastically offered to lead the global column. The column will be titled Global Forum, which will replace the column formerly called Global Vision. Michael will inform you of his plans for the column in the January issue of TIP.

I would like to continue the Practice Network column to keep members apprised of cutting-edge practice issues. If you are interested or know an individual who would effectively lead this column, please send me a note at Laura.Koppes@eku.edu.

Fritz Drasgow describes examples of federal funding in this issues presidential column. I would be delighted to print additional examples of research and/or applied grants/funding. I encourage you to send submissions that are no longer than 3,000 words in length and would have broad appeal to the membership. 

I am finding that the challenge of being a TIP editor is to predict the information and topics that readers would find beneficial. I hope you will enjoy the features, columns, news, and reports in this issue. I am grateful for the brilliant editorial board members, who volunteer their time and expertise to provide insightful and interesting columns. I would like to note that Frank Landy desires to hear from younger SIOP members for his column What I Learned Along the Way. 

We are fortunate to have a plethora of members who contribute efforts as committee members, officers, and so forth, which is apparent when reading the reports. Furthermore, in this issue, you will read about SIOP members who provide their expertise in various venues (i.e., responding to EEOC and OFCCP, testifying to the U.S. Congress, reporting in the news, etc.). SIOP has established many awards to recognize members and students; please note the deadlines to apply for the awards. Several pieces of information are available in this issue about the 2005 SIOP conference, which will be an exciting event to celebrate 20 years of the conference. 

As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas as I and the editorial board strive to create TIP issues that are informative and helpful.

Na zdravi!

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