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Letters to the Editor

Reaction to TIP Article, Observations from Chicago: Feedback to Speakers at the 2004 SIOP Conference (July 2004)

Letter sent to the editor, August 14, 2004

No offense intended toward Joseph King, but why is TIP using 2.5 printed pages on presentation advice from one person? Joes comments may be useful but would be far more useful if placed in the context of other opinions, from both SIOP presenters and audience members, as well as those who have been regular attendees at SIOP over the past several years. One persons awful! is anothers eureka!

Ill add a few thoughts to make the n at least 2. If you look and act interested in what you are talking about, your audience just might trust you and enjoy it, too. Dont assume your talk is so fascinating that all posteriors in the room will be on the edge of their seats. Smugness can lose an audience as quickly as disinterest, maybe even more quickly. In my own presentations, I prefer an energetic style. Nothing keeps an audience interested more than complete unpredictability in what you will say and do to get your point across. As someone who enjoys public speaking, I relished the opportunity to present a symposium paper for the first time in Chicago and had a blast with it. The streaker running through the room during my talk didnt even phase me.

Best regards,

Bill Rogers
Grand Valley State University


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