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Reminder: SIOP Executive Committee Endorses Sharon Brehm for APA President-Elect

As noted in the July TIP, the SIOP Executive Committee has voted unanimously to endorse Sharon Brehm in the upcoming election for APA President-Elect. The vote followed a recommendation to support Brehm's candidacy by SIOP's five elected representatives to the APA Council of Representatives (Angelo DeNisi, James Farr, William Macey, Lois Tetrick, and Nancy Tippins). The SIOP Council representatives met with Brehm during the February 2004 Council meetings in Washington and discussed her proposed presidential agenda for APA. Her views on psychological science, practice and education are consistent with the varied interests and priorities of SIOP members. Brehm's interest in keeping the perspectives, expertise, and concerns of SIOP and its members in the forefront of APA activities was evident to the SIOP Council representatives.

Brehm indicated that her goals as APA President include being a unifying influence within APA by being fully engaged with all of the divisions and member constituencies and by being a strong advocate for innovation within psychology. She noted the potential for innovation in terms of exploring new areas of research and practice, in realizing more benefits of technology for psychology and APA, and in creating a more inclusive organization that better addresses the concerns of younger members, diverse populations, and the international community of psychologists.

Sharon Brehm has had experience as a researcher, educator, administrator, and clinician. She considers herself to be a clinical and social psychologist with a strong interest in developmental psychology. Her empirical research has focused on psychological reactance, empathy, social support, information processing, and intimate relationships. She has also authored several widely used textbooks in social psychology and related areas. She has been a faculty member at the University of Kansas and Indiana University, and has served in university administration at SUNY Binghamton, Ohio University, and Indiana University, where she was the chancellor of the Bloomington campus.

It is important to note that the Executive Committee members are expressing their personal views with their endorsement of Sharon Brehm and are not purporting to be speaking for SIOP as an organization, nor for other SIOP members. Frequently, however, members of the Executive Committee are asked for their recommendations concerning the candidates for APA President. Believing that a collective endorsement following informed discussion would serve better the SIOP membership than individual recommendations, the Executive Committee voted two years ago to consider making such endorsements. 

APA members will receive a mail ballot for President-Elect in October. Please vote. And please consider making Sharon Brehm your first choice on the ballot. If Sharon would not be your first choice, please consider voting for her as a second or other choice. In the end, this can still make a significant difference. APA uses the Hare voting system for its elections, which allows a voter to rank order multiple candidates.


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