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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 42/No. 2  October 2004


A Message From Your President
Fritz Drasgow

Defining the Profession of Industrial-Organizational Psychology 
Michael Gasser, Adam Butler, Leisha Waddilove, and Rowena Tan

Contemporary Cases of Corporate Corruption: Any Relevance for I-O Psychology?
Joel Lefkowitz

More Tips for Obtaining a Job in Academia 
Jennifer L. Kisamore, Wendy J. Casper, Jennifer A. Martin, and Steve M. Hall

Fifty Years of Things, Data, People: Whither Job Analysis?
Sidney A. Fine

Measurement and Statistical Miscues and Fallacies
Dale Glaser

Editorial Departments

From the Editor: My Old Kentucky Home 
Laura L. Koppes

TIP-TOPics for Students
Corey Muoz, Andi Kimbrough, and Jaime Durley

Changing Places in a Small World 
Natalie Allen

The I-O Ethicist
Bill Macey

Leading Edge: Business Intelligence (BI) 
Jeff Worst

Spotlight on Local I-O Organizations: NCIOY Celebrates 10 Years of Survival
Lori Foster Thompson, David C. Gilmore, and John G. Cope

The High Society: Thirty Famous Quotations Translated into I-O
Paul M. Muchinsky

On the Legal Front: The Supreme Courts Ruling in SudersThey Missed the Boat 
Art Gutman

Education & Training in I-O Psychology: Student Engagement: Transference of Attitudes and Skills to the Workplace, Profession, and Community
Kerrie Q. Baker, Kim Edward Spiezio, and Kathleen Boland 

The Career Column: An Officer and a Psychologist 
Lynn A. McFarland

Increasing Diversity at SIOP: The Future is Now 
Miquel A. Quiones and Marina Field

What I Learned Along the Way
Frank J. Landy

News and Reports

20th Annual Industrial-Organizational Psychology Doctoral Consortium
Kathleen Lundquist and Harold W. Goldstein 

Graduate Student Scholarship Award Program: Call for Proposals
Daniel B. Turban

June 10th Congressional Briefing on Abu Ghraib
Heather O'Beirne Kelly

EEOC and OFCCP Guidance on Defining a Job Applicant in the Internet Age: SIOPs Response
Doug Reynolds

Douglas W. Bray and Ann Howard Award Program: Call for Proposals
Daniel B. Turban

SIOP Small Grant Program Call for Proposals 
Daniel B. Turban

SIOP Director Position

Join Us To Celebrate 20 Years of SIOP at the LA Conference!
Lisa Finkelstein and Donald Truxillo

Sunday Seminars = Expanded Tutorials SIOP 2005
Julie B. Olson-Buchanan

Preconference Workshops for SIOP 2005: A Blockbuster Lineup!
Luis F. Parra 

APA Returns To Our Nation's Capital
John C. Scott

Reminder: SIOP Executive Committee Endorses Sharon Brehm for APA President-Elect
SIOP Executive Committee

Report on the July 2004 Meeting of APA Council of Representatives
James L. Farr

Team Effort Spotlights Human Resource ResearchPractice Gap
Wendy Becker and Clif Boutelle

SIOP Fellows 

SIOP Past-President Autobiographies on the Web

Obituaries: Mary Anne Lahey (1955-2004) and James H. Morrison (1918-2004)

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

Announcing New SIOP Members
Michele E. A. Jayne

Letters to the Editor

Adrienne M. Bauer and Laura L. Koppes



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