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Welcome to the SIOP Virtual History Museum!

This museum was created in 2016 by the SIOP History Committee.  The mission of the SIOP Virtual History Museum is to curate existing historical information and provide SIOP members with a starting point to learn more about their field’s history.  This museum includes (a) links to existing I-O history websites, (b) photographs and videos of early SIOP conferences, historical figures, and artifacts, (c) TIP articles covering I-O history, (d) the I-O “family trees,” and (e) a central site for accessing historical information on SIOP and I-O psychology.

The SIOP and Division 14 Virtual Wing.  Here you will find the history of SIOP and Division 14, such as Laura Koppes’ historical overview of SIOP, a graphical timeline of SIOP’s history, and other items.

The SIOP Presidential Portrait Gallery.  This wing contains photographs of nearly all SIOP Past Presidents and links to their autobiographies (when available) or other biographical information.

The TIP Library.  The library contains copies of history-related articles that appeared in SIOP’s TIP newsletter, including the History Corner column and a series on early I-O psychology doctoral programs edited by Edward Levine.

The Early History Virtual Wing.  This wing contains historical information on the very early days of I-O psychology (i.e., pre-WWII).  The exhibits in this museum cover the work of early figures such as Hugo Munsterberg and the Gilbreths as well as the Hawethorne studies.

The Later History Virtual Wing. This wing contains historical information from WWII and afterwards.

The General History Virtual Wing. Here you will find general information on the history of I-O psychology.

Other History of Psychology Resources.  Moving beyond I-O psychology, there are a number of excellent websites describing the history of psychology in general. 

SIOP Conference History Posters.  Each year, a poster describing the annual SIOP conference is prepared.  You can view the posters online.

I-O Psychology Family Trees