Volume 56     Number 4    Spring 2019      Editor: Tara Behrend



Challenges, Trends, and Opportunities of the Testing Industry: Practitioner's Perspectives
Alex Casillas, Kelly Dages, & Brandon Ferrell

Emerging Issues in the Licensure of I-O Psychologists: Part 1
Mark S. Nagy and Daniel Schroeder

SIOP ECC Interviews Hugo, AKA "Hugo Munsterburg, SIOPS's Tweet Laureate"
Paul Thoreson and J Drake Terry

Your SIOP Awards: Know the Opportunities
Cindy McCauley 

Nominate for SIOP and Foundation Awards

Living Wage Research Is Alive and Well -- And not Just About Subsistence: A Rejoinder to Reburn et al
Stuart C. Carr, Mary O'Neill Berry, John C. Scott, & Darrin Hodgetts

Timeless TIP

In response to Nathan Carter's High Society column, we present one of the original High Society, full of words to make you awesome!

The High Society: 
Jocoserious Adoxography

Paul M. Muchinsky

University of North Carolina at Greensboro