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The SIOP White Paper series organizes and summarizes important and timely topics in I-O psychology for business and HR professionals, members of the press, and interested individuals. SIOP White Papers are produced by three SIOP committees: International Affairs, Scientific Affairs, and Visibility. For more information about the SIOP white papers, read the ‘About the Authoring SIOP Committees’ section at the bottom of this page.


What We Know About Applicant Reactions on Attitudes and Behavior: Research Summary and Best Practices (PDF)

What We Know About Applicant Reactions on Attitudes and Behavior: Research Summary and Best Practices-Romanian Translation (Full Translated PDF


Improving Communication in Virtual Teams

The Effect of Top Management Team Performance and Cohesion on Organizational Outcomes (PDF)   

HRM Activities
Leadership Development/Careers

Executive and Employee Coaching: Research and Best Practices for Practitioners (PDF)

Want More Effective Managers? Learning Agility May Be the Key (PDF

Leadership Development for Organizational Success  (PDF)

Building a Strategy to Identify, Develop, & Retain High Potentials (PDF)

Legal Issues

A Marathon, Not a Sprint: The Benefits of Taking Time to Recover from Work Demands (PDF)

Getting Engaged: Top Tips for an Engaged Workforce (PDF

Organizational Development

Encouraging Effective Performance Management Systems (PDF)


Worker Well-Being

The Business Case for Employee Health and Wellness Programs (PDF)

Work-Life Balance (PDF)

Workplace Bullying: Causes, Consequences, and Intervention Strategies (PDF

What We Know About Youth Employment: Research Summary and Best Practices (Full PDF)

What We Know About Youth Employment: Research Summary and Best Practices (Summary PDF)

What We Know About Youth Employment: Research Summary and Best Practices-Romanian Translation (Full Translated PDF)

Telecommuting (PDF)

Humanitarian Work Psychology: Concepts to Contributions (PDF)

Achieving Well-Being in Retirement: Recommendations From 20 Years’ Research (PDF)


Looking for more white papers? Check out the SIOP-SHRM collaborative white paper series here!

About the Authoring SIOP Committees

International Affairs Committee

One of the principle goals of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) is the publication of SIOP white papers on topics of interest to the international practitioner and academic I-O community. The International Affairs Committee is geared toward ensuring that SIOP members and affiliates have a means of collaborating and communicating with international affiliates and members of similar international associations.

Scientific Affairs Committee

This committee is concerned with all aspects of industrial and organizational psychology as a science. Its members encourage, promote, and facilitate greater contributions of a scientific and technical nature. For example, members of this committee work on projects such as providing input to the APA committee that wrote the Standards.

Visibility Committee

The purpose of the Hot Topics white paper series is to provide short briefs on high-interest topics in I-O. These papers are written with a non-I-O audience in mind, and SIOP members are encouraged to use these papers as a resource to share with clients, business partners, and others who are interested in learning more about a topic.

The Visibility Committee Hot Topic white papers are written by I-O PhD students and undergo reviews from both a committee member and an external reviewer who has expertise in the topic area. This work is managed by the HR/Business subcommittee of the SIOP Visibility Committee. The committee was created to enhance the visibility of I-O Psychology to inform thought leaders in business, HR, and government, as well as students and the general public, of the ways in which I-O can improve the profitability of business and the productivity and well-being of the workforce.

SIOP is always interested in soliciting ideas for our Hot Topic paper series from our members. If you are interested in proposing a paper, contact Jolene Skinner and check out our Instructions to Authors.