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The Later History Virtual Wing

This wing contains historical information from WWII and afterward.

The National Academy of Sciences has published a series of memoirs on key scientific figures. Some of those that I-O psychologists are familiar with include:

You can also read about Robert Glaser and George Miller, of 7+- 2 fame.

The Division 14 Member directories from 1951 and 1954 are available online:

You can read a biography of Thelma Hunt, a pioneering I/-O psychologist at the George Washington University, HERE.

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) conducted early research on personnel selection. A book on the OSS’s work is available online. A website with some photographs and an overview of the OSS’s work can be found HERE.

You can learn about the contributions of M. Scott Myers to I-O psychology HERE.

John “Jack” Hunter was an eminent SIOP Fellow known for his contributions to meta-analysis, validity generalization, and personnel selection, much of it in collaboration with Frank Schmidt.  His biography is available online and you can listen to an MP3 audio interview here.

Photographs of John Hunter and his wife, Rhonda Hunter. (Photographs and audio interview courtesy of Mark Hamilton.)


A humorous video advertisement for validity generalization can be viewed here. (Video courtesy of Mark Hamilton.)


Here are two photographs of SIOP Past President Leonard W. Ferguson (courtesy of Barbara Jean Ferguson Needham).


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