FAQ for APA Presidential Election and APA Board of Directors

It is election time for APA President and Board of Directors.  The SIOP leadership offers the following questions and answers to assist SIOP members who are eligible to vote in APA elections.

  • When do we vote?

Voting begins on September 16 and closes on October 30, 2019.

  • What are the election rules?

Just like the voting process for SIOP President, you vote by ranking candidates from most preferred to least preferred. This process allows for instant-runoff voting when no candidate has a majority of votes in a round of vote counting. A subsequent round of vote counts is made when the last-placed candidate is eliminated and their votes are redistributed across remaining candidates, based on those voters’ rank-order.

For more information about the voting process, go to: http://apa.org/about/governance/bylaws/rules-110.aspx

  • How many rounds of voting are typical in an APA election?

Since 1996, only one election went less than 3 rounds (Rosie Phillips Davis, a SIOP-endorsed candidate, won in Round 2). Historical data indicate that in 6 of the past 12 years, the winner was not determined until the 5th and final round. Thus, it is important to rank-order as many candidates as you can.

  • Are there any SIOP members running for APA President this year?

No SIOP members are candidates for APA President this year, however, SIOP Member Randy White is running for the APA Board of Directors.

  • Is SIOP endorsing any candidate this year?

YES! SIOP has formally endorsed  Randy White for APA Board of Directors. More information regarding this endorsement can be found here on the SIOP website.

  • What if I like one candidate best? Should I just rank that person #1 and leave the rest unranked?

No! Please rank order the others for your vote to influence subsequent rounds. 

  • What happens if I don’t rank all candidates?

Not ranking a candidate guarantees that person will never receive your vote. However, not ranking two or more candidates will exhaust your ballot should vote counts go to late rounds with your unranked candidates. Thus, if the last rounds only consist of your unranked candidates, you would not have any influence over the final outcomes.

  • Any last words of advice?

Yes – VOTE! APA has more than 71,000 voting members, but recent APA Presidential elections have been decided with only 4,500-6,000 votes for the elected individual. There are about 1,100 SIOP members who are eligible to vote in APA elections. We can make an impact on APA elections --- Please vote your conscience before the October 30 deadline!  For information about all candidates, go to:  http://www.apa.org/about/governance/elections/index.aspx


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