2018 HRM Impact Award Honorable Mention


Driving Workforce Productivity with People Analytics


Retaining top talent is a complex issue best addressed by a holistic approach. Interventions throughout the talent management life cycle must be strategically designed and executed with the support of people analytics.  In 2016, the Anthem Service Experience and HR organizations pioneered a systemic approach to improve workforce productivity through the advanced application of people analytics. By working in collaboration with HR and leveraging stay surveys, drivers of turnover studies, operational dashboard of turnover, initiative impact analysis, and predictive models of voluntary turnover and risk assessment, Service Experience is making insights-driven decisions that enable the organization to design and prioritize associate engagement and retention efforts that provide incredible value across the enterprise.

Positive results from our efforts include:

  • Anthem’s voluntary turnover rate decreased in 2017 despite the competitive hiring environment. The Service Experience population of about 1,600 disproportionately contributed to the reduction.
  • Results of a customer-associate interaction survey comparing Q1 2017 and Q1 2018 found significant across the board improvement in performance metrics.
  • In 2017 the enterprise net promoter score (NPS) improved year-over-year—outperforming the average NPS of publicly traded peers.
  • When Anthem’s workforce grew in 2017, the targeted associate population realized an 8.8 percent of year-over-year improvement in the voluntary turnover rate.