2017 HRM Impact Award Winner


Message from Lisa Bisaccia , CVS Health CHRO

As a pharmacy innovation company, we always look for new ways to provide better service to our customers to keep them on their path to better health. That’s why we implemented an automated screening tool that allows applicants to “try out” the job and decide for themselves if it’s a fit while allowing us to measure their qualifications for the job.  Using this online assessment is efficient, effective, and has exceeded our expectations.


CVS Health’s Customer Care Pre-Hire Screening Assessment 


As a Fortune 10 company with a unique integrated model, CVS Health has a distinct set of assets and capabilities to deliver on our purpose across the spectrum of care. 

Last year, Caremark, our Pharmacy Benefits Manager, dispensed or managed close to one billion prescriptions for nearly 90 million plan members. Our Caremark Call Center colleagues handle close to 30 million calls annually.

Hiring the best colleagues is always a priority.  But our Call Center hiring process was very resource intensive for both our hiring partners and our applicants. As many of our applicants are also our customers, this was seen as a big limitation. Our goal was to streamline the process and make sure we got the best qualified applicants.

Our partner, Shaker Consulting Group, spoke with our colleagues, managers, and hiring partners to identify the job-related competencies needed on day one to succeed and thrive in a Customer Care role and documented what colleagues find rewarding and challenging about the role. This information was used to custom build a multi-media pre-hire screening assessment with a realistic job preview that integrates into our applicant tracking system.

To ensure that the screening tool would impact quality of hire, we asked current colleagues to complete the assessment and evaluated the relationship between assessment scores and job performance. The relationship was positive and significant.

While we were confident that this tool would be efficient and effective, post implementation studies showed us that it improved business outcomes dramatically and quickly. We’ve seen measurable improvement in training performance and operational outcomes such as reduced hold times, call transfers, and call backs. These measures of service are critical in retaining our customers’ business and trust.

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