2015 HRM Impact Award Winner


Message from Rajeev Syal, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief HR Officer

Huntington is pleased to be recognized for our VOICE colleague engagement survey.  This survey has helped us leverage data identifying organizational strengths and opportunities that may be affecting employee engagement.  By developing action plans that cascade throughout the organization, we’ve been able to address some of our colleagues’ areas of concern.


VOICE Colleague Engagement Survey


In 2010, Huntington Bank introduced a new brand around the concept of “Welcome.”  A critical component to the success of that new brand was having a highly engaged workforce.  We wanted to use a data-driven approach to measure organizational culture, colleague brand, colleague engagement, and turnover, and link them to overall organizational performance.  We developed and launched the VOICE colleague engagement survey.

During each survey cycle, the overall themes identified within the results were reviewed and discussed with the CEO and his executive leadership team.  Specific corporate-wide goals were identified and cascaded throughout the organization with progress tracked from survey to survey.  Managers were then required to customize specific actions to support organizational goals as well as create their own department-specific goals.

Although we moved to a new engagement survey vendor, Perceptyx, in 2014, we initially partnered with CEB Valtera on the survey.  We provided them with respondent information afterward  so they could confidentially link colleague responses to variables such as job performance, turnover, race, and gender, which allowed us to conduct longitudinal research.  We were able to identify seven turnover risk factors.  These data were used as a “heat map,” showing areas with elevated colleague retention risk. Enhanced efforts were made to increase engagement at the locations with high turnover risk.

We also used text analytics to analyze colleague comments, which helped us cull through tens of thousands of comments and develop word clouds that provided visual representations of the themes voiced by the employees. This allowed us to more effectively understand and address the organizational issues described in the comments.

We continue to leverage survey data to drive organizational change and improve engagement. 

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